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Hello world, hello friends! I do not know how are you today but by faith I pray to our Father in Heavens to put His arms around you and lift you up and out of any sorrow, any concern. I pray that all of us go and leave everything on His feet, in front of the Throne of grace and leave them just there, to just drop them and trust Him that He is in control, in Jesus Name amen!

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

-Isaiah 40v31

I love Isaiah book. I had the privilege to teach it for six months last year in our Friday Bible Study and as our study was going on, I came to realize how much this book…

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Isaiah 45v11

“This is what the LORD says–the Holy One of Israel, and its Maker: Concerning things to come, do you question me about my children, or give me orders about the work of my hands?”

Languages, words can play games with us and we play games with them.

Question, what is question and what it is to be questioned?

I think the answer is obvious.

  • Question:  An expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply.
  • Questioned:  An interrogative sentence, phrase, or gesture or To express doubt about; dispute.

Do you think that we can questioned God?

Do you think that we can ask questions God?

The difference is clear. The Lord wants us to ask the questions and get understanding, clarity, to search and find, to seek and knock. When we search for something, we need to ask questions, such as What, How, Why, When…

Ecclesiastes 3v6

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Keep seeking…

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Today, let’s meditate in two scriptures, one of them my favourite! Here it goes…

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

-Matthew 6v33

For everyone who asks receives; he whoseeksfinds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

-Matthew 7v8

I understand that as long as we seek for His Kingdom, all we need in life will be given. Also it is written that who seeks finds. I understand that as long as I seek, I will find eventually. The excuses of the type “but I do love the Lord, I do try to do this and that…but nothing works” seems pale to me. I do agree that things take time to happen. It is part of the process but when somebody has truly received Jesus Christ as the Lord of his/her life and the…

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we still have a child full of joy and happiness inside us… DS ©
Good morning good people. Today Monday …not many people like Mondays! (smiles). That’s life folks!
There is a big research going on in UK in regards of what is happiness and how can we obtain it. It seems that happiness is a skill that we can learn, according to the study.
Talking about Happiness, I have come to realize that I will not be always happy. Nobody has promised me this. The Bible especially speaks about anxiety, worries, sadness, testing moments, even great disasters as the end of the world – as we know it – comes. The following verses just come in my mind:
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (Jesus Christ…

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Through prayer light comes in our lives, © DS



Last week as we discussed on Prayer –Part A, we agreed that we will use – just for our discussions sake – the terminology of “Personal Prayer” and “Collective Prayer”.

We understood, through the Holy Spirit, that we pray our personal prayers in our closet as being just us and the Lord. We do also pray our collective prayers with our fellow believers in Church or any place of fellowship. It was nicely said that even when we participate in a collective prayer, still it is a prayer between our own self and the Lord.

Matthew 21v13

“It is written,” he said to them” ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it a ‘den of robbers.’ ”

The above scene takes place in the…

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Prayer (Part A)nv

Dear friends,

It is always good to return to the basic and true principles of our faith! A reminder:

Here it goes…PRAYER (Part A) http://wp.me/pkDdi-5p /via @wordpressdotcom

I pray that you will be inspired and enjoy it,



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Darkness vs Light


“I wanted to be forever surrounded in comforting darkness. In the dark I could pretend that the chugging of the train was the heartbeat of someone I knew, in the dark I could be anywhere, with anyone, because darkness is the same wherever you go.”

(Gem Squash Tokoloshe, by Rachel Zadok, p.246, Pan Books, 2005)

I read this book recently and even I did not really like it, I found the above paragraph so enlightening. When it was discussed in the Book club some readers felt that it was a dark book. There were those spirits and fairies. Darkness is connected with bad, with mystery, with anonymity, with dark spirits, evil, danger.

I never thought that darkness is “comforting”. Though, as I read it, I truly felt that it is amazing and real! How many times during my life I did feel comfort into darkness. It allowed me to hide, to think, to reflect, to lick my wounds.

The Lord has created nothing to go in waste or to be useless. Do you know that tobacco is a very beneficial plant? Thinking that smoking is an unhealthy habit, we ignore tobacco. When you are cut, open a cigarette get out some tobacco and put on the cut, it stops the bleeding or spread it around your garden, termites dislike it!

We ought to be more open and learn without bias.

1 John 1v6

If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.”

Yet, there are two kind of darkness, the physical one and the spiritual one. The Bible speaks a lot about darkness and light. We need to remember that we, followers of Christ, we are (and should be) the light of the world.

The physical darkness, as I said above, it can be convenient and comforting when we need to heal, to reflect. It can be used in a beneficial way. Don’t forget that many hours during the 24hrs day, it is dark. We rest, we sleep, humans and the majority of the creation. When we have a painful headache, we need some darkness to rest, to heal. This darkness was created by God Almighty and it has its purpose; do not reject it!

When we “walk in darkness” is about where our spirit is, how our spiritual life stands. In the spiritual world, darkness has no benefit at all. It is a truly dark place that depresses, oppresses, steals and kills.

Ephesians 5v8

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”

1 John 1v5

This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.”

It is clear, crystal clear, that God is light so anything or anyone who is not light cannot claim is God. Whoever loves God, received the Holy Spirit to live inside him/her, cannot be other than light.

Light has shades, when it is dusk, the light is smooth, small, and colourful but still weak as it breaks the darkness. That’s how we are: we are light but not perfect, we make mistakes; we do sin and walk our own path, at times. Still, we are light, we reflect the light from Christ, it is not our own and through forgiveness we go back to His path. The main Light is Christ, we get from Him not by acts but by grace.

So, how do we light? We are the light of the world but how someone knows so? If it is not through works that we get the light from Christ, so what…we just sit there and we light like a solar lamp? Is it that a bright light comes out of our flesh?

I do not think so. It is our acts which reflect the light. When we have light inside us, our talk, our attitude, our joyful face, our relaxed movements, our good deeds, our offerings, and our care for our self and towards others, our sweetness and our trust reveal light!

When we are light, we act as light! We bring warmth, we bring hope, we bring care and we carry truth. It will eventually reflect to others! People might not know what it is that we manifest but they feel it!

I believe that the truth about light and darkness can be our guideline to clearly comprehend what we need to include in our life, what to avoid, how to look at our self and check our life, how to grasp what is from our Heavenly Father and what to follow.






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One People

one peopleD.S.©

I am the only white person in the Church I attend. In fact, I am the only semi brown one …after years of healthy sun bathing! You understand that I stand as the fly in the milk!

Last Sunday, a visitor Pastor did delivered the message, a message regarding the Passover, the unleavened bread and the yeast. I had heard him one more time in the past. We do not know each other. I know he is a Pastor, married with two kids, an Eastern Province Zambian – I assume it due to his name – and that’s all I know. I think that he knows nothing about me except my sex, my skin colour and my external physiognomic characteristics.

During his preaching he approached me and as he needed to highlight a point, he said “our people” he turns to me “ I don’t know about your people” …I interrupted him firmly saying “we are one people”; he repeated with a question point “one people?” and then went on with his point.

People assume about other people as they see their external, the place they are, the environment, their origin or their occupation. Wrong! Each one is unique as our fingerprints are. We cannot assume. We need to know and when we don’t, to ask, to search first and then address the other. I remember another brother inviting me to their home’s Bible study, highlighting that their road was tarmacked recently …assuming that as I am a woman or a white (semi brown!) woman, I would have problem to drive to a less privileged area. Only if he knew places I have driven to and from, thousands upon thousands of Km, places I have slept, places I had meals, foods I have eaten…

Don’t misunderstand me, I do not feel discriminated (even if I could have good reasons to!) or offended in any way. Indeed it is a trigger to write this article and encourage all of us to think twice before we assume.

I remember the story I read years ago, a story that stayed with me and always makes me to stop and think before I assume, before I explode, before I judge. A man travels in a subway train when another man enters from a station accompanied by his 4 children. The kids are really noisy, running up and down. Their father sits next to the man, so the man asked him why he doesn’t discipline his kids but allow them to be so annoying and noisy. The father responds that he is right but he doesn’t know how to do it, they had just lost their mother.

You see, we cannot know. Sometimes we cannot know details regarding people close to us, our own families, our friends. At times, we might have no clue interpreting our own self and we are just base life and opinions on assumptions.

Making the point the each one is unique and generalizations would never help, at the same time, I need to highlight that we keep being One People! Especially speaking about the Christian community. We might have our own backgrounds, identities, cultures, fingerprints but from the moment we received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour we begin receiving a new identity, a new culture, new mind, new characteristics. Yes, it is a process, still, we cannot see each other as different; we see each other unique yet the same. Would you go to say to the guy from your own town, “my people – your people”? I don’t think so. That’s how we need to see each other, as same people with unique personalities. We live under the same Spirit, we follow same commends and instructions, we follow same destination despite our diverse gifts and work in the Kingdom of God.

God see as identical to each other, we are His heirs! I think that it is time for us to stop seeing the outside thus focus on the inside of all us who are One People. Amen!

1Corinthians 1v3

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”



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People do what works…

People do what works…A true statement!

Nevertheless, each coin has two sides and what works might have two natures: the beneficial nature and the non-beneficial one.

People do what works. When we observe other people life including ours, we see that there are patterns in our life, patterns that we repeat and we repeat them because they work for us. It does not mean that the patterns are beneficial into our life. Let’s say that I am in an difficult relationship/friendship and I keep going with it. My excuse is that I love that person or that as a Christian, I need to persevere and show my “good” character…for as long as it goes. The result is that I destroy my life plus that I neither help the other person. I do stay in the relationship because it works for me, the rest are just excuses. It works because I get something out of it even if it is self-punishment/self-harm.

That’s how life goes on and we keep doing what it works – goods or bads. A twist in all these is what the scripture says to us:

James 2:18-19

“But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe–and tremble!”

Concerning our faith, we do know that we are saved by grace and not by work. At the same time, we cannot claim that we have faith and not produce works. They go together! When our stony heart is replaced by a fleshy heart where the word of God is written on it, there is no way that our works will not be for benefit. When our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, there is no way that the Spirit won’t change bit by bit each cell of our soul!

It is a fact that satan and demons do know God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – they acknowledge Him. So, what’s the difference?

The difference is that satan and demons want to take power from God and become God, when we submit under the power of God and recognize Him as our God, Lord and Saviour. Do the maths! Obviously, our works must be completely different than satan’s!

I consider my works as a guideline not of my salvation but of where I stand in faith, where I stand as a believer, where I stand in front of God. I need to reflect continuously – not with   guilt – on my works and change my ways when I need to through the strength of Jesus. My works can show me where my heart truly is.

I pray that you have a great day, a wonderful week, full of His mercies, grace and favour, in the name of Jesus Christ and for His sake, amen!



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Achieved through Grace

achieved through grace

Lake Flores, Tikal, Guatemala D.S.©

Once upon a time, a “little girl” found herself into the jungle of Central America. She discovered an amazing world, so different from the West World or Africa she knew. Yes, that “little girl” was I! Not really too little…however, much younger than today!

I never thought that my life could have turned to such a blessing that had started already few years afore my life in Central America but reaching there, experiencing that beauty and history was completely out of what I had ever planned.

Few years previously departing from Zambia to Belize, turning the pages of National Geographic I was absorbed by some beautiful frescos paintings. I read the article and discovered the artistic beauty of Mayan Civilization but never comprehend the reality till I witnessed them with my own eyes! Reading the article, I remember, I said to my friend: “Aha, one day I desire to see those frescos.” Life continued, frescos were stored into my sub-conscious knowledge.

When I had to give up what I knew and did, moving thousand miles away, flying through 3 continents, a trip that at times took up to 3 days. My life and work had moved to Central America and as I onset discovering the neighbourhood, yes, I commenced experiencing the jungle, the secret falls, the butterflies by millions, iguanas, amazing fruits and seafood, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and above all Chiapas province. Not to mention the Caribbean coast. Wow, what a beauty!

I met God in His different environment, I grew spiritually in an unforeseen way. It was that period that I truly understood what Grace is and how we achieve through Grace. His Grace got me to Bomanaque in Chiapas of Mexico where those unique – and the only surviving -Maya frescos existed. True, I travelled just before I left Belize to my next assignment as His grace opened the way to go. When I had expressed that desire to see those frescos, though I had forgotten it, He did not. He heard that small talk and kept a note. I lived in Central America for two whole years but the political and security situation in Chiapas was still very unbalanced, travel was not recommended, in some cases not allowed.

When I realized where I was and discovered the Maya Routa, I could not imagine not to reach at Bomanaque. Few weeks before the end of my working contract, the way opened and the travel was possible. Climbing the Mayan hills, the Mayan pyramids’ steps, reaching closer and closer to those rooms that accommodated the frescos, my heart was beating fast. Each step I walked was unbelievable. How all happened? How all achieved! His grace is unlimited.

Once a friend was sad upon an issue. Her close friend told her not to worry and be sad, there are so many serious problems in the world. The other friend responded: “everyone understands his/her own pain, we cannot compare”.

It is the same with our miracles and achievements in life. Something that seems insignificant to one might be a great deal for another.

Reading the bible I come often across the same expression: the grace of the Lord be with you.

1Corinthians 1v3

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

God has given a purpose to each human who lived, lives, will live on earth. We are not here for no reason. Each human is to contribute something, all important, no big or small. It is so essential to know our purpose, our gifts and how to apply them.

Purpose cannot stand by itself. What’s the meaning of knowing the purpose and have no achievements? We need to achieve in order to build confidence, to understand our worth, to contribute. Purpose is only a vision, the achievement is the actual impact.

Human nature exists to achieve and when an achievement is completed, a new task rises in human hearts and brains. It is an unstoppable human capacity.

It is 1Corinthians 1v3 that clarifies what we need to achieve: Grace and Peace!

Think about it:

Peace maintains stability, stability provides consistence, and consistence drives to progress till all done.

Grace opens the door to possibility, to knowledge, to know how to achieve, provides wisdom and protection.

Both peace and grace can be seen! Humans who carry grace and peace, cannot hide it. Others can see it in their attitudes, face, body language, and environment.

So, let’s keep praying for grace and peace! Amen!


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