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Two friends…DS ©

What a glorious morning, the Lord has made!

Our Father God, we come to you today and we thank you for this new day, a day that we have the opportunity to do something new; to do something for our friend, spouse, child, neighbour and stranger. Help us Lord, today, to become better, one step at the time. We need your strength and we pray that all is done for your glory, in Jesus Name, amen!

Yesterday I spent most of my day in Belfast as I had duties at Samaritans – an organisation of volunteers who emotionally support people who are in distress and despair up to the point of suicide. When I returned back home, late afternoon, I cooked my dinner (salmon and salad…eating “consciously” after last month’s festive eating) and later on I went at my class mate’s home where we gathered our “practicing” group of three. Next week we go through our exams on practice, so we had to work on our roles, the theme of discussion, the details about the client, the counsellor and the supervisor.

It was a lovely evening. My friend’s wife had prepared wonderful snacks (conscious eating needs to be resumed today…(smiles)…) and we gathered around the table, prayed, eat and prepare our work. More than anything else, we had great laugh and shared our troubles, thoughts and feelings.

What I remembered is:

After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” 

– Luke 10v1

 The Lord in His amazing wisdom knew that we need fellowship. We need each other to share, to support, to encourage and to walk together. I am blessed by those special people sent in my life – different people in different periods of life – who are the perfect mate for serving the Lord and I am grateful for all of them. Even if I am a loner, I do recognize and acknowledge the wisdom of our Lord and accepted that I can have my lonely part of the trip as I can fellowship, share and work with the beautiful mates the Lord sends in my life. And all in a good balance! As we walk two- two, we meet the other two –two and we become two by two…and so on…do the maths!

Today it is a beautiful day to think our mates, pray for them and ask the Lord to continue bringing in our lives the ones with whom we can become our better self for the Lord’s work.





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