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Parthenon, Acropolis – Athens – founded on rock, lasting for thousand of years…DS ©

Good morning! A new day in our lives! It is beneficial to remind ourselves that today we have new opportunities to learn from the past, to develop today and to invest in the future and all for His glory.

I pray that you are all well, strong in your body, soul and spirit! I pray that you continue listening from the Lord who speaks to you and that He brings clarity in all concerns of your heart. I pray that nothing that is not His could touch you or harm you. I pray that you are fully covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and all I prayed in His name, amen!

It is written:

“Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “Now, I have put my words in your mouth. See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.”

 – Jeremiah 1v9-10

Jeremiah was given a vocation by the Lord. He gave him an appointment and Jeremiah did not feel that he had the skills to implement the mission.

We need to understand that vocation is not a career. Vocation is a calling in our lives. The Lord gives us an appointment and a mission for His vision (which becomes our vision!) and He requires no skills from us. He requires a willing heart.

Instead, a career is what we decided to do as a living in life, as a profession or a hobby which might be developed in a career. When we desire to have a career in a certain field, we do need skills and during the period of our career we need to continue developing and maintaining our skills.

Since my childhood I wanted to become a Civil Engineer and thank God I became one. In fact, I became a successful one and I enjoyed a great career of almost 20yrs in the field. There was no case to start working as an engineer without studies in the University, more than 5yrs and without maintaining my knowledge or learning the new knowledge (technology, management, rules and regulations etc) throughout those 20yrs.

When the Lord moved me out of my career and put me in full time ministry and specifically He asked me to start writing (a long story which you will read in my second book, when it is done and published) I was ready to ask Him – as Moses did, as Jeremiah did and so on – how it was possible to write…I was just a civil structural engineer. However, I stopped my mind and my tongue and I remembered that He wants me just to belief Him and only to will to do what He told me. It is He to give me the words and ideas to put on the blank paper.

My vocation is to empower others through teaching, writing and counselling. My career was as a civil-structural engineer. For sure, He is using my experience from my career in a way that can reinforce my vocation but these extra skills and experiences are not the foundation of my vocation.

P.S.  I still love engineering, I still admire structures and get informed about new things and mostly I love Parthenon, Acropolis in Athens. I remember, years ago, I was sitting there at a corner admiring this amazing building and I wrote “I am proud that I am Greek and an engineer”. I never thought that what I wrote in the back page of a book I was holding, it could be repeated in a page of Loving Ministry’s blog, years later. At that time Loving Ministry was not existing even in my deepest thoughts! Still, the Lord knew!





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