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Monday morning, the 17th of January! Wow, time flies, isn’t it? So many things still to be done and it seems that time is not enough, plus, it flies so fast. However, today I choose peace in my heart and no rush, the Lord is in control!

I pray that our Father in Heavens will award us with peace in our heart, that He will help us in all that it is needed to be done today; strengthen us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to succeed in all for His glory. In Jesus Name, amen!

As the coffee spreads around me its bitter and strong aroma, I pray and meditate on what the Holy Spirit puts in my heart today.  I hear a lot about success and its meaning.

I have noticed that I know little about other Ministers and Christian writers due to two reasons: I might know the person but I have a difficulty to remember the name and I love to read my Bible and probably one to two Christian writers, the rest of my reading is of secular nature. I strongly believe that what I really need to learn and meditate on, it does exist in the Bible, the inspiring word of God Almighty.

Quite few times, my fellow Christian writers refer to famous men and women in order to support how the perseverance of those people helped them to succeed in life and to fulfil their dreams. I find those references very inspiring. Still, I have to confess, I become sceptical. Do we really know the heart of those people as the Lord knew them?

Success is not mostly to leave a legacy in society or history of our civilization. This is good, I cannot debate it. The question is: this success, was it implemented for the glory of God? There are good things and good achievements but done for our personal glory and not God’s. What is the motivation behind the success? In my eyes, the real success is to fulfil the purpose in life as the Lord gave it to us and for His glory. Nobody might ever notice us but the Lord has! This is the biggest success!

What do you think?

It is written:

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

 – Romans 8v37

Amen!  Have a great day,            




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