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Cuppa still empty but I decided to move on, DS ©

Good morning boys and girls! Today is a day out of my usual routine. As we say “the blankets were heavy on me”! I could not leave my bed and as a result everything started late. The cuppa is still empty, my face unwashed, still in my pyjamas and honestly…I do prefer to go back to bed or lay on the nice comfortable sofa and watch TV or listen music and talk to my God through a silent prayer.

Within this late morning conflict I do not know how comes and I feel like this. Nothing strange happened and I can’t say that I feel tired. It is just that I feel unmovable!

I remember that I had two scary dreams and my sleep was disturbed. The good thing is that I never remember that I dream – all of us dream, they say – and when the annoying dreams come and wake me up, eventually when I come out of my bed I do forget the whole plot of the dream.

Should I stay with my feelings and my thoughts? NO! I decide that I will stand and start doing something. It might not be something extravaganza or what I do each morning when I wake up – including my exercises – but I will make the first step to do something that will give peace in my heart and a good motivation.

I decided and chose that I will sit on the sofa – than lie – and write the morning message. I write it without the usual bitter aroma of the coffee but I do write it with my heart and praying to my Lord. I feel already much stronger and much more motivated to go on with my day.

I had two choices: or to lie down and do nothing or to stand up and do the first thing I was comfortable with. I try to be conscious that I can make choices, the onces that I will feel ok with myself, with my Lord and others. Some days I choose to just lie down and this is just OK!

It is written:

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

 – Galatians 5v1

I accepted that I am free from my thoughts, feelings and wants, I am free thought Christ and I am not a slave of my thoughts, feelings or wants. I can choose and I have!

I pray that our Father in Heavens will grant us with His favour today and He will guide us in all He puts in our hands for today, that He will bless our tongue to speak His words, our mind to think His thoughts and our hands to do His works. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

OK, let’s move now!

Love and hugs               




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