Imagine you are a train…







we are like a train travelling on rails, we and our life DS ©

Good morning! Here I am in the presence of the Lord giving Him thanks for His grace and His mercy.

Yesterday I had that slow start of the day but as I left all to the Lord and I tried to do the first steps, I felt lifted up. I have to say with a grateful heart that the day was great and all were done beautifully.

Today I woke up my usual early hour – I am an early bird – and nothing was left from the slow start of yesterday.

It is like this: we have good days and bad days. To be more specific bad starts of the day or good ones. When they are bad we need to push, to press in and through Jesus Christ the day can turn to be creative and productive.

Imagine you are a train. Life is a journey and the train moves on the railways which are sometimes on straight line and sometimes they turn and curve. It is not only that the train (we) travels on the rails (our life) but also what happens within the train. You see, the train has different compartments and transports different type of passengers. You might prefer to look at the attached photo. A wooden little train filled with different plants. Some they have flowers, some not and some have thorns.

The good days and the bad days are part of the journey. I encourage you to accept this fact and truth. You will have more peace when you know that this is life and not necessarily something wrong with you. What it is important is to learn from each “passenger” we have inside us and bravely to travel the “turns”, to face the thorns and enjoy the flowers. We can do all through Jesus Christ. We are conquerors through Him and not quitters.

He told us:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

 – John 16v33

I pray that the Lord touches you this moment and gives you great revelations about His character and reassures you of His love, that He strengthens your faith and willingness to be winners and not quitters, in Jesus Name, amen!

Love in Christ




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