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 Two worlds standing together: the big rich house and the little shop! DS 
Good morning and blessed Sunday to all! Winter is still with us. Probably I lived too long in the southern hemisphere and now I do appreciate winter. It has its own charm!
Today, my thoughts are guided close to the poor. I do not mean the poor in their inside but the poor who have no food, some place to sleep safe, no clothes and lacking the basic human rights as water and health support.
I can’t know who among you has felt poor, has found himself without the possibility of a roof or a plate of food. I am sure that the ones of us that s/he has lived through this kind of experience usually choose one of the following ways:
 • When restoration comes people choose to hold on their treasure so they do not go hungry again. They do not hesitate to remain faithful to “the ends justify the means” way of life.
• The second group of people choose to remember what happened to them and keep themselves humbled in front of the Lord. They try to help others and share the little and the lot.
Have you ever thought how much help your 10% or offerings could be to somebody else? I tell you if all wealthy or just more privileged humans were offering just a small percentage of their income for the less privileged, poverty would have been lessened plenty.
It is written:
“The poor you will always have with you…”
– Matthew 14v7
The Lord knew already that humans would make no real effort to distribute their own wealth in a more creative way than always complaining about the governments and politicians that they do not do much. He knew that the poor would always be with us as we help poverty to be maintained.
Let’s stop and think. What we can change today?
Love in Christ,
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One Response to Distribution of wealth…

  1. internet elias says:

    Here in America, many complain about her ‘entitlement’ programs. But I thank God for them. Only the truly greedy begrudge the portions through taxes required by ‘ceasar’ that is redistributed in small helps to the needy. America’s very government….all government is ordained of God for ‘good.’ Daniel 4:17 reminds taht ‘God rules in the kingdom of mean and sets over it the basest of men.’ We are cautioned against ‘speaking evil of dignities.’ It is God who sustains America’s entitlement programs….who ‘sets’ men who are their ‘brother’s keeper.’ I am grateful for those whose hearts reach out the hands in service to others….whose ‘alms’ whether little or much…is given in love. America is seeing the continuing winds of change…seemingly destructive winds….but even the destructive winds are by the permission of God. Adn I never forget the ‘manna.’

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