Good morning. Howdy? Blessings upon all you good people and the grace of the Lord with you today and each day, amen!

Today I get my coffee bit late…one of the rare occasions! Today I just realized that by God’s grace this blog remained active all 31days of January 2011. One post and one photo each morning of the month! Wow! Is that the Lord started to put me in a better discipline? Why not! We will discover the truth in time…

Yesterday I went to movies after…16months! Imagine! This is not common for me. My usual visits at movies were weekly or every two weeks. I like to see, to observe and to look at, that’s why I always had a love for any type of visual arts. The movie that I watched was the “King’s speech” and I was amazed.

At first, I reconnected with the experience of the big screen! I reconnected with the experience of holding a huge pack of pop corn, experiencing things that had been stored in my memory and remained inactive. But mostly I was amazed from the movie, the story, the acting, the photography and the ethics of the movie itself. I felt absolutely absorbed contained by the struggle of King George VI – Queen’s Elizabeth father. I was lost and absolutely absorbed within the big screen.

The story starts in 1925 when he is still a prince, Duke of York, a husband and a father of Elizabeth and Margaret. The end of the movie brings us in 1939 when he, as King George VI, gave a great speech as he announced that UK was in war with the Germans – WWII.  It is mostly about the relationship between the King and his teacher, the one who helped him to control his speech issues – stammering. Very human and very British, I say!

What I mostly admired was the perseverance. Not only the King’s perseverance but that of his wife and his teacher. A journey that took most of his life – since 5yrs old when the problem first started.  Perseverance to finish the race, to do the journey, to live the vision and to reach to your destiny. That’s why it is written:

“…make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self‑control; and to self‑control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness;”

  – 1Peter 1v5-6


Never give up walking the path to your vision,         





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