I walk with my fear…

Humans are scared to admit fear. Humans afraid fear and avoid fear. Humans are too proud to state fear. They are keen on presenting themselves fearless!

Alexander the Great recognized this fact and spoke to his men acknowledging that it was normal to be scared. Nobody took any offense. He hit the spot: Death, the greatest fear of all!

I have done some serious reading concerning Alexander the Great, his personality and his strategies in battles and life. As he said:

“Conquer your fear, and I promise you, you will conquer death”

-Alexander the Great

I can recall, back in time, that it was hard to admit that there was fear in my life. I started observing myself and I learned that one thing does not conflict the other. What I mean is that being afraid to do something did not stop me from doing it. Fear might freeze me for a while but shortly after I move on and do what I have and want to do even if I am afraid to death.

I learned that I can walk together with my fear towards my destination; walk next to my fear; talk to my fear and in time to overcome it through Christ who overcame the world. I learned that I can become a friend to my fear; I do not need to fight my fear but accepted its existence; talk to it and talk about it; face the fear and continue walking the path of my vision. The fear will be replaced in time with joy. Fear will faint in time, it will disappear.

I pray that our Father in Heavens holds you close to Him, protects you in all that you do today, I pray that you keep yourselves close to Him allowing to guide you in what is to be done today and focus on it than to any fear. In Jesus Name I pray, amen!

A new day, a day for new starts!

Love  from this side of the world,




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