Just to say Thank You…

Good morning friends!

I pray that the Lord provides you with all you need today, physically, emotionally, spiritually and that His grace is upon you, I pray that you are strong, lifted up and merciful with others and all I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Today …I cheated! I do not prepare this post as I have done my communication with the Lord and having my cuppa! It is almost mid day and just came back home.

What really happened is that I allowed myself to leave bed 1.5hours later than usual (usual is 6-6.30am), take it easy and meet at 9.30 my friend Bobby and go for breakfast. My home is detached to a nice coffee shop from where usually I get my take away weekly pizza! Yes, this is a tradition that started back in Uganda, sometime in 2003. Once per week, usually on Friday, I watch a nice movie accompanied by a big pizza and a big coca cola bottle, relaxing on my sofa…

Anyway, I never have been in the coffee shop, just sit there and have a cuppa. The reason is that it is just next to my home so it sounds stupid to me to come out of my door and just enter to the next one! But my friend insisted that the breakfast there is great and we should go. I could do it with good company. Eventually we did. It was great to sit next to the coffee shop’s window and look at my garden from that corner. I think that from now on I would enjoy going time to time and having a cuppa just there, read my book and do window watching! By the way the breakfast was great and coffee black, strong and bitter. The breakfast in N. Ireland is called Ulster fry, bit different from English breakfast but same family.

Today, it will be a lay back day, still busy after 3pm and till late the night but not hectic as other days. Since I woke up my heart just says thank you to the Lord and praise His name. I have nothing to ask for, I have done it all, I know He listens and all will take place under His will.

I remember:

“Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.”

 – Psalm 100v2

I send you Love in Christ,       




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