A new weekend ahead…

There are days that life seems great and there are days that life smells its poisonous stench. No matter how the day is or what day is, it is still the day that the Lord made. It is still the day in which there is a purpose. The aim is to allow the Lord to take over this day and fulfil His plan in our lives and the environment around us.

Today is Saturday and we already walk a new weekend. Weekends have a different meaning for me anymore. The last almost 6 years working days and weekends are just similar days for me. All days are working days but still keeping Sabbath. But keeping weekend? Not really!

For me all days are holy, all days belong to the Lord and as my work is to serve Him, it is easy to be busy with His work every day. It is not about office time schedule but it is just about living the right life. I do not need specific schedules, just the present work; labour given in my hands this specific day; to be done and to be done under His will.

Serving the Lord is the easiest job I ever did. I thought the easiest one was when I was working at my last post as an Engineer but finally the Lord took me to a smoother and more productive place. I remember when I resigned from my last post, everybody worried about my decision. Only one friend asked me: “Did God tell you to do it?” That’s all she said and she was the only one on the point! Five and half years passed by and I am still in the unknown, travelling on the path, scrolling on the rails, not fully knowing what the next 200 meters of the path brings. But it is an exciting journey.

My little secret is that I just trust Him to be there for me and His Ministry and I learn to hear His voice. The rails have curves and turns but when they are oiled, it is so easy to keep moving on them.

My prayer is for all His children to travel the journey, to enjoy each moment, to learn from the sad and happy moments and grow in maturity, grow in love and strength and all for His glory, in Jesus Name I pray, amen!

“Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”

-Psalms 37v3




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