Trichotillomania on Skype…

Good morning my friends! How are you? How is this morning in your lives?

I pray that our Father in Heavens helps you to start your day in peace and smoothly, that He guides you in what it is needed to be done and gives you the strength to do it. I pray that He touches your heart and heals all that hurts and His salvation in fulfilled in your life. All I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Romans 8v28

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Today is a new day. Every day is new. Thus, today it is a very special day for me. I had a great, exciting late night yesterday. I finally closed my eyes into sleep around 3am …I am still sleepy but I had to leave bed early.

Yesterday, a great miracle happened: people from all walks of life, of all different ages met in a conference on Skype. Our darling brother in Christ and knowledgeable in computers organised the whole thing for us to meet on Skype and share our experiences. Different States of US and I from Europe were connected. All the praise to the Lord and deep thanks for technology available.

Young children, beautiful youth, productive 30’s and 40’s, wise 50’s and 60’s gathered in one discussion as we have two common points: we suffered or still suffering from Trichotillomania (pulling of hair and/or picking of skin) and most of us love Jesus Christ and participants in Trichotillomania Christian Ministry (TCM). However, not believers are always welcomed though all healing comes from Jesus. (my personal testimony of healing

It was overwhelming to hear the voices of each other, to see the faces of each other and to share what we understand, what we experience and how we feel. It was overwhelming as some people participated for first time in a Trich group of any nature.

The most exciting is that the Lord uses all for a good purpose and we need to be patient.  keep the faith and wait for the process to be completed. The most exciting is that a small idea, a small effort and a great dream came to pass yesterday night and had full success. Who could think that when, more than 10yrs ago, Camilla followed what the Lord asked her and TCM started, that today all people from so different places could meet, share and support each other just on the screen of a computer!

Conclusion: keep believing and working on the belief, vision or dream and don’t bother about the details of how would happen what. As we keep walking the path of the vision, doors will open; doors that we did not even know that they existed. The Lord is capable to organize things much better than we ever thought or dreamed.

Time to go and brew my coffee…before I collapse on the sofa and keep sleeping and keep dreaming…,

Love you,




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