Awake but dreaming…boats!

Good morning to all; a morning full of blessings and energy, I wish to you. When I woke up and opened the windows and curtains for fresh morning air, I was very happy to see that the sun visits us again after a long absence.

I remember when the Lord told me that I was done in Ethiopia and it was time for me to move. I fasted and prayed as I did not know where He wanted me to move. When He told me “Whitehead”…I was shocked and confused but I realized that there was a plan. Immediately I started the preparations needed. However, I spoke to Him and said: “Lord, I am fine with this decision. It is not easy for me to leave Africa and move to Europe after 17yrs but I will obey. One thing worries me: the weather! So, I leave this issue with you. You want me there? I go! Only one condition: you keep me comfortable and warm, so I do not bother with the weather.” I have to say that He kept His word. When we enter from summer to autumn, I have noticed that for few days I am low and depressed but then I get used and honestly I do not mind. I have found a lot of beauty in autumn and winter!

When I had to leave Zambia and move in Belize, He clearly told me that He takes me to nations. That’s how the last 11years He moves me from place to place and still I do not know what’s next. I learn a new lifestyle with its positive and negatives. Still I enjoy it! Thus, still, the changes stress me out!

When I sleep, next morning I do not remember my dreams. They say that all of us dream but I have not memory of them. But when I am awake I do dream old places I have been, people I have met. I dream places that I have not yet been and people whom I have not yet met. My life moves within trains, planes and boats!

The photo attached truly represents the peace of our Lord. Do you remember the turmoil when strong winds weather the boat of the apostles?

“He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”

-Matthew 8v26-27

In fact, the boat in the attached photo is not a real boat. It exists in a recreation area in Hoi-An in Vietnam, a country I visited few years ago. It is a country that taught us a lot, a country with wonderful people. What I like in this photo is that the water is so calm. As the water is calm, the boat reflects in it so clearly. When we have peace inside us, when we are calm, the waters are still enough for us to listen and to reflect on the situation or inside us.

When the worries return to my mind and my dreams fade, I do remember that through Christ the wind calms, the water remain still.

I pray for a calm, creative day in Jesus Name, amen!

Love and big hug to all of you,



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2 Responses to Awake but dreaming…boats!

  1. internet elias says:

    AMEN! If the ship breaks apart…He will either give you a broken timber to float you…or he will allow you to sink and move from death to life. Either way…we are the Lord’s. I love all the Lord’s ‘boat’ references in His Word…beginning with the Ark of salvation.

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