Laugh is good for the soul!

Good morning! I can’t believe how the days pass by! It is already Sunday!

I pray for blessings upon all of you and whoever goes for a Church service or worship the Lord at home, I pray that you experience a great fellowship and get a lot of spiritual food, in Jesus Name, amen!

Laugh is good for the soul! It is also a good facelift exercise! (smiles…).

“a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,”

-Ecclesiastes 3v4

There is not much about laughing in the Bible. I wonder what that means. Does it mean that we should be always serious and avoid laughing, smiling and truly laughing with our own heart? The newborn babies as they grow, before they talk or walk or feed themselves, they smile and they laugh!

As we read in Ecclesiastes, yes, there are times that we laugh, we dance, we celebrate our joy and happiness. The amazing thing with laughing is that we can fake it. But even when we fake it, still produces joy in our life.

It is good for our souls. Keep practicing laugh, feel its medicine in your heart. Fill your minds with all good, beneficial things in life. And when you feel attacked from the enemy, just laugh with/at him. He will flee! amen!

(p.s. a lot of times I do laugh with myself! It is a good way to self-judgment…hahahaha!)



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