A great day, I wish you! I pray that all of you are well and ready for a new day, in Jesus Name, amen!

Someone – anonymous – wrote: “If we celebrate the years behind us, they become stepping-stones of strength and joy for the years ahead”.

All of us have a past. Not only our own. We carry the past of our family, the past of our nation, the past of our civilization, we carry collective memories in our own blood. Time is time. It does not make any difference in our life. We are born in a specific period of history and we can’t change our birth. We will die at another point of time, in another moment of history. Our start and end are certain. The question is what we do between these points, what we do in the meantime.

Whatever our past is, we need to celebrate it and remember the creative moments and learn from the difficulties and challenges, from the moments of sadness. I have noticed my friends, the ones who are same generation as mine. They talk a lot about how good life was 20 or 30yrs ago. I laugh! What I remember is that when we were 20 our parents were saying how good life was 20-30yrs ago from their time. We were criticizing them, making fun with …old age attitude! When we were 20…life was not good, we had to save the world! Now, also life is not good…the past days were better but we forget that also that time we thought that life was not good.

We live our small life span keeping ourself as the centre of our world. We are self-absorbed, self-centred and we think that this moment of history is the centre of all. I have to tell you that this is not true! Open your eyes and ears! Look the whole picture, the big picture of our civilization and remember:

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

-Ecclesiastes 1v9

Let’s not get absorbed from our small span of life and our small world or part in history! Let’s celebrate the years behind us, remember what we learnt, recognize the progress and the good things are taking place in this present time – in parallel of plenty of bad thing – and let’s allow all to become stepping-stones for a better future. Amen!




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One Response to TIME after TIME

  1. internet elias says:

    Wow. Wisdom. Only God opens the mind and heart so one can KNOW he or she is only ‘part’ of the whole….only one grain of sand among trillions which make up the beach. That reality makes one feel like clay in the hands of the Potter.

    Again…beautiful! Thanks.

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