In His presence

Good morning beautiful people!

My prayer to our Father in Heavens is for peace in our hearts and appreciation for who He is and who we are in Him, for gratitude to small things but so important in our daily lives, for gratefulness for all beautiful people around us and a blessed start of the day, in Jesus name, amen!

Yesterday the day started quite challenging for me. I had noticed from the previous day that the cable of the charger for the laptop was loosing contact. Yesterday morning as I finished the daily post and published …using just the power from the battery…I realized that the laptop could not be charged anymore – I think something wrong with the connection point.

My first reaction was to panic…of course! It did not last for more than few minutes. Within those minutes, my whole life passed by in front of me, plus the fact that without computer that whole work within the Ministry would remain aside! Quickly, I recognise that the Ministry is not mine but God’s, plus that my whole life belongs to Him anyway.

So, I stopped being miserable, I finished my coffee, I got dressed and went to church, I praised His name, I walked around and under the warm sun, back home for lunch and some relaxation.

Then I remembered: that old PC hidden in the cupboard on the 2nd floor…should it work? I put all pieces together…and magically it worked and not only…it was wirelessly connected to internet and to printer! Wow, I was amazed! Ok, it has no microphone built in for my communication through skype but it is ok, it can wait till laptop repaired, or I buy one as it seems that this PC needs to become my back up system!

Conclusion: Let it go for a while. No point to think too much about it, it will not change because we are thinking about it. Get a break, worship the Lord and do what other things need to be done. Allow the Lord to take action and just stay in His presence. Things will be solved out eventually! Amen!

“Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

-Nehemiah 8v10

Keep your joy today,



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  1. riyosonicseduction says:

    God bless! -Riyo

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