Happy March!

“Satisfy us in the morning with Your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days”.

-Psalm 90v14

Wow, what a wonderful scripture! What a wonderful promise! Good morning boys and girls! Yes, today, this day, we can be satisfied with His unfailing love!

What do you think this moment? What do you think as you open your eyes – still in bed? Should I assume that you and me think about what hurts us, what business we need to accomplish today? Or we think of Him? The Lover of our soul?

Tomorrow morning, when the Lord opens my eyes and let me feel the breeze of the new day, the new morning, I will remember this scripture. When the thoughts will come – and they will come – I will remember His unfailing love and I will stand up singing for joy, feeling just glad and grateful! I promise to myself to continue doing this each morning for the rest of my days! I choose His unfailing love!

How about you?

My God, my Lord, I pray that you touch all of your children and remind us -each morning – your love, your care, your capability for miracles and comfort, for new things and joy. I pray all in the name of Jesus Christ and for your glory, amen!

Love you guys, be good! (hahahaha)…March is on! spring is here! summer will follow…


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