It took time but it was worth it!

Good morning my friends and readers!

Today, I wish to say thank you to all of you who visit both blogs. I thank you from deep of my heart as there is so much information out there, however, you stop for a moment to read the posts and kindly to make a comment, share a thought and an encouragement. Be blessed wonderful people and thank you for your time. All is done for His glory and my “ambition” is to do what He allows into my hands each day. The rest will be added!

I desire to share a short personal story. When I arrived in Africa in 1993, I lived for 6 months in a farming area called Mkushi in Zambia. That’s where I saw for first time in my life – in a book – the amazing structures of the Lalibela’s churches in Ethiopia. They are crafted out of the rocks and no part was built. As a structural engineer, I got fascinated and astonished! I said to myself: “One day, I will go to visit these buildings!”

The Lord has His ears everywhere and He is omnipresent! He heard my thought and put it in His list. Years passed by, we reach 2005 and I have just resigned from my post in Uganda and planning a year’s sabbatical including travelling around the world. The original plan was to fly to Ethiopia, then continue to Greece, Asia and so on… Keep in mind that also in 2001 – if I recall well – I had organise a whole month trip to Ethiopia but some family issues took me to Athens and all trip plans were cancelled. As I started my planning in September 2005, I realized that it was still summer in Greece so it would be wiser to start from Greece and do all other trips and on my way back to Africa to pass first from Ethiopia. The trip was postponed for one more time…

The funny story is that as I returned to Uganda…I found out that eventually I was going to Ethiopia for personal reasons. I was going for few years and not just for holidays. Truely, by October 2006, I was in the plane and off to Ethiopia – where I lived till June 2009! Do you know what was one of the first things I did before the rainy season started? May 2007, I went to Lalibela and I visited all churches, one by one. The 14yrs “waiting”  was worth it! It is a fascinating place…especially for an engineer!

Sometimes we need to wait and to focus on what we can do today and do it with love. The Lord does not forget our whispers, our thoughts or our prayers. He is faithful!

Enjoy this day and let’s be grateful,



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2 Responses to It took time but it was worth it!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Each day of our life has the potential for glory and wonder if we are able to ‘see’ His handiwork …His perfect work. But so many choose to remain blind to the wonder of it all….seeing brokeness rather than healing, feeling fear rather than faith, practicing complaining rather than praise. I’ am grateful this morning that I clicked the shortcut on my desktop to the ‘Faith’ blogs…and saw your uplifting site. So refreshing to read words from the heart of one who obviously sees the cup half full rather than half empty. lol.

    • trusting2 says:

      Carolyn, thank you for visiting and sharing all wonderful insights of who our Lord is! I learnt to see the cup half full when Christ became my Lord and this perception truly changed my life. All for His glory, blessings my dear, have great day and thanks for all. Dimitra

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