Money, TV, Internet…

Our Father in Heavens I come to your presence today and I thank you for all great things are created through you and I pray for wisdom, your wisdom, to know how to use what and for what purpose and to continue offering our time to you Lord, in Jesus Name, amen!

“Everything is permissible for me”—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”—but I will not be mastered by anything.”

-1Corinthians 6v12

I hear again and again wise sayings such as: money do not bring happiness, a house does not bring happiness and so on. I agree that our joy is from our inner self and from this joy the real happiness appears. I hear also sayings such as: money is evil, television is evil, internet is evil…

I am sorry but I will not agree. Nothing wrong with money. In fact, they are of great help. Look at somebody who has enough to pay his bills and someone else who struggles to meet the ends…and might end up in jail. Let’s be honest, the first one is happier than the later one! Everything is permissible but we should not be master by it. Before money existence people were exchanging goods as a way to cover their needs and pay each other. Nobody said that wheat is evil…or cabbage! It is what we do with it and whether we are obsessed with the idea of money or every morning you access our e-banking to see how many cents or pennies we have accumulate (you see, e-banking has replaced the safe box we were keeping in the past somewhere under our mattresses!).I say that money is excellent to pay my bills, my needs and to provide for the less privileged ones!

They say that TV is evil! I will disagree for one more time! I love TV as I love to go to movies. I have learnt a lot by watching TV. There are beautiful movies, amazing documentaries and wonderful theatrical and so on performances or educational programs, comedies that they make my day…Is the TV evil or what I choose to watch on TV or how many hours I spend in front of one? Is anybody obliged me even to have a TV?

They say that Internet is evil! Are we serious? How much work is done through internet, how much information goes through the fibres of internet and how much the word of God spreads because of internet? Likely TV, it is us who choose how we would use this technology and nobody obliges us to do things that we do not consider correct.

We are mastered by what we choose to be mastered. Honestly, I am sick and tired to hear people around me complaining about this and about that, about other people in their lives or in the society. You do not like something, DON’T DO IT! Teach your children and your environment to do otherwise but please, STOP CALLING ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT LIKE EVIL!

Everything has two sides, each coin has two sides. Does not mean that the coin is evil! Which one do you choose? Do you want to be mastered by what?



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