Sunday Breakfast…

As Sunday arrived and we, with millions of people around the Globe, will be dressed with their best and go to Sunday’s service, let’s stop for a moment!

Do you remember what you had for breakfast? Some just a cup of coffee and go, some a toast with jam and some a whole continental or english breakfast (some both!)…

Our belly is full? Did you give thanks to the Lord before you put the food in your mouth? I usually forget and I am ashamed as I always had something to eat even when I was again and again bankrupt and it seems that I do not appreciate the fact that I have food.

There are people out there that they do not have enough or nothing to eat . I am not talking about Africa or disaster areas. I talk about our own neighbourhood, our own town or village. There is a difference between Western and Third countries. In the so called Western world, there is a lot of pride (of the bad type). People will not speak about their troubles, not in the Church, much more in the neighbourhood.

How can we find the people who need some food, if they do not tell? Remember that we have a great weapon in our hands. We have this weapon not only for asking for ourselves or our issues. I am talking about prayer. Let’s go with a pure and genuine heart in front of our Lord and ask Him to show us and guide us to those people around us who are in need. He will answer if we go with the right motivation and clear heart! Amen!



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