A thankful heart

Dear Friends,

Good morning to you and I pray for a blessed day in your life and that the Lord helps you to be a blessing to others, in Jesus Name, amen!

Today, I wish to say thank you to the Lord who has great plans for all of His children. Today’s message is a bit more personal than usual.

I wish to inform you that the physical address of the Ministry changes by 1st of May, 2011. The new address you will be found in the web www.lovingministry.net when you visit the page MINISTRY CONTACTS.

I am grateful to our Lord and I come to His presence with a thankful heart. A new change occured in my life: He found a house for me and His Ministry and guided me to buy and settle in. Believe it or not, the instruction, the search for the house, the release of funds, the final decision, the offer and its acceptance took place within 6 days! Of course, since then 8 weeks elapsed for the solicitors to finalize all. So, I gave a month note to my landlord (where I live now) and moving on 29th April (when the Prince William and Kate get married) but if it is a public holiday – I think that it is – it will be 30 or 2nd…

In the meantime, a lot to be arranged. I wish to tell you that during April and May, you might notice sometimes that I will disappear from line (or the face of the earth!) but just bear with me. As you understand, telephone, internet etc lines need also to move to new house so interruptions will happen. I promise to do my best to keep the communication, networking, support, writing and teaching as constant as possible within this period. The bible study of Fridays at Nan’s home (in Whitehead) will continue as always. The bible study of Tuesday at what is now my home will stop at the end of April and resume in the new home when all is ready and obviously with new participants, as I leave our village and move to the small and famous town of Carrickfergus (about 10min by train away from Whitehead and still on the sea coast!)

I know that I know that this was a decision of the Lord and I can’t say that I know the whole picture. You ask me whether I make roots in Northern Ireland. I do not think so. The Lord made an investment in this house and at the same time the Ministry can have a basic base and easily lock the door and go to the nations with just a bag and no worries about all bureaucracies! If you know what I mean. This house belongs to the Lord and it is a roof for His ministry and myself when around. All for His glory and I praise His name for what He plans.

The rest of the story will be known in the time ahead to come.

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”

-Colossians 4v2

My friends, I wish you a great day and see you tomorrow morning again,



p.s. The photo shows the back side (kitchen entrance) and parking, the front and main entrance is through the garden and the view looks at great Irish fields! (a little house in the prairie!)

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