More Connected!

Our Father in Heavens, we love you Lord and we thank you for your grace and your mercy! Lord, help us today to be more sensitive to your voice and to connect ourselves closer to you! In Jesus Name I pray that we understand that you are the number one in our life and our value is in you and not in the world, amen!

Good morning wonderful people! Plenty of coffee next to me (I just love its smell…reminds me African fields full of coffee trees…) as I slept at 2am and I was up around my normal time 6.30am. Yesterday night we had our second Skype conference with all great people of TCM (Trichotillomania Christian Ministry) and for one more time it was a blessing upon my soul and we had great laugh as well. Grateful to the Lord, at first, for creating such a ministry with wonderful support groups around different States of US, grateful to Skype technology and greatly thankful to Camilla who obeyed years ago to what the Lord asked her to do and TCM took breath. Thankful to all people who started more groups and being always around to commit themselves in the work of the Lord and to share with sufferers or not.

We do not need special gifts to start what the Lord has put  in our hearts. It takes trust to His amazing wisdom and obeydance to do the first step. It takes a willing heart! The rest is history!

The discussion was about and around to what’s happening when we stay isolated within our suffering and issues, than go out and share, speak about the “big secret” that so many years we might keep in our hearts and recognize that our value is in Christ and not in what others think. A great teaching and a great discussion with wonderful testimonies.

For sure, after that, I slept like a baby, happy and satisfied and all the Glory to God!

Conclusion: no matter what happens this moment or from what we suffer this moment, there is light out of the tunnel and there is healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Let’s be more connected with our Lord, let’s be more connected among us and make a decision (it is not about the feelings) that we will not be isolated anymore. Amen!



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