Hello again!

Good morning my good friends! I don’t know whether you realized that the last 3 days no post was published…first time since the beginning of this blog! The truth is that I did miss my time with this blog that means …my time with you. I feel like back to normal, at this moment, as I am back writing to you.

The progress of home moving is positive, no complains! It is hectic and for first time I have to co-ordinate builders, painters, carpenters and chimney guys NOT for someone else’s house, office, hospital, teaching college or national museum but for my own home! Exciting and overwhelming at the same time. But the bottom line…thankful!

(and among all these happenings…my ticket to Zambia was cancelled and now trying to explore alternatives…grrrrrrrrrrrr, snif, snif…)

So, moving day: 29th April! The house where I live now seems as bombed by packing boxes…an usual picture in my life at least the last 18yrs…

Anyway, I don’t wish to continue talking about me. What I have been reminded is that one day at the time, one step at the time. It is something that we continue learning all our life and it is a truth that we need to remind ourselves constantly.

Lois Wyse wrote: “Sometimes we just need to slow down and grow”.

We are used to speed and our generation has grown into a society of quick fix. But it is not what we truly need all times – most of the times. We need to reflect, to take it slow and learn through the process and in this way, we grow! And as we grow, we learn to be more patient and more patient we become, more we grow! More than anything else, we need to continue practicing the most important principle: WAITING upon the Lord!

“Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!”

-Isaiah 30v18

Enjoy this day and I send you love,



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