A big change!

A great change for me today! After two years in beautiful
Whitehead, in a wonderful 150yrs old Edwardian house, tonight I sleep in my own
home in Carrickfergus, a small town of 50,000 still on the coast. A famous town
that protected Northern Ireland by fighting English and French through its
beautiful and still standing castle.

I will sleep in a different house. A standard governmental estate
house of 70’s, painted in any African/Caribbean colour you can imagine and my
view this time will be the endless fields as travelling north! But as I walk
out of home, I see the sea…as I am uphill!

A great change for me after 20something years in rental! I still
thinking as a tenant and I am thankful to my good friends who remind me that I
can do as I like with this home as I do not need to report to anyone…

Anyway, this morning, I walked early along the sea shore watching
the sunrise for last time from this side of the coast and it was lovely, i gave
thanks to God for these 2 healing years in this wonderful peaceful place.

Now, new beginnings! And all for His glory.

Today we do the removal and at some point all communication lines
will be cut for at least one week as new installations are to be done in the
new home. But still thinking and loving you and praying for blessings in your
lives. I believe that all activities will be resumes by mid of May.


About LovingMinistry

Loving life, Loving people but mostly Loving and Serving Jesus Christ!
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