My cake!

Good morning wonderful people of God, all of you created with a purpose, no matter if you go to live this purpose or not.

I pray that you are closer each day to the Lord and continue meditating in His word, continue believing in miracles and continue working for His glory, in Jesus Name, amen!

Yesterday, I heard from my teacher the following amazing statement:

“If I put the same ingredients I will get the same cake. If I want to change my cake, I should change something in the ingredients!”

Amazing! It was said so beautifully and means so much! True eh? I just pictured a ..chocolate cake (like the one my friend Eleni does!) and it is true, everytime the same incredients go in. Sometimes when it is baked looks better than another time but still is a chocolate cake.

This reminds me all choices done in my life, especially concerning people and if I am honest I will recognize great similarities among the type of people I chose, the type of activiites I chose, the type of physical, emotional and spiritual choices I did.

If I really want to change something, I need to experiment – at least – with some other ingredients and see what’s happening. I need, of course, to take responsibility of what I decided to do and be ready for a flat damp cake in the worst of the cases. I need to try again and again till I get the cake that really fits to my taste, to my life, to what I need and is beneficial. I would say, the cake that the Lord destined for me!

Psalm 34v8

“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”




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