Preparation and patience…

I send my love and warm greetings to you! I pray that the creativity that lies inside you, reveals itself and there is nothing to stand in your way. Through Jesus Christ, all good plans will come to pass and you will be part of it, amen!

I remember one of my safari trips in Southern Luangwa in Zambia, a place I love. It was very early morning and I was walking in the bush with one guide when we noticed a dung beetle ! I did not know what it was, till my guide explained all about it. How this small creature gathers dung and roll it, roll it and roll it till becomes absolutely round. In fact, the specific one was with his wife. They were pushing the ball on higher ground but it was rolling back, and again they were pushing it up ….a real battle covered by determination and great patience. Please, check this small clip about an african dung beetle …(it is from youtube, not the ones I met years ago…)

I learnt some lessons from those two tiny creatures. I learnt that they did their research and preparation to collect the materials needed. Then they kept rolling till became round, then kept rolling up, till reached the high ground. They knew that takes some work, they knew that it does not happen in a moment, everything takes time, preparation and patience. It took cooperation between the two creatures involved.

The same applies for the Kingdom in Heavens! Nothing comes out of magic!

Matthew 24v44

“So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”




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