Simpler Life…

Nobody is in a position to truly walk in the shoes of somebody else. We also can’t claim that we do remember all about the life of even the closest people to us. Memory fails us or to put it in a different way, we remember usually what is convenient or what is important (there are two categories of people’s memory …). Living within 21st Century…at least in the so called Western Civilization, we forgot how life was when we were younger. There was usually meat on the table once per week, not every day! We were eating beans and fish and a balance of everything. We grew up to be healthy. The television entered in home when we were grown enough and had a key for controlling the watching hours and so on. I am not saying that it was better or worse, this is personal. What I am talking is about life being simpler by concentrating around few elements than too many…

The photo attached is from Edfu in Egypt (when I was there years ago), a market among so many other markets. I have an obsession with open markets. I love their simplicity. I love their variety and mostly their colours. As I looked at this photo, I was reminded how simple life can be. It really doesn’t take much to make life functioning or being beneficial.

We get lost sometimes in complex technicalities and technologies forgetting that less sometimes is more. It might be even cheaper, healthier, more social and more creative. We need to take few moments and reflect of our life’s style, of items, things and desires that conquer our time, mind and life. What is really important? What part of our life is worthy in quality and not necessarily quantity, to improve, to focus in and achieve results?

I believe that we can make our life simpler and let go what it is not truly necessary but it was just sold successfully or it is in fashion!

Our Father in Heavens, bless us this day to recognize and discover what it is important and separate it from what it is not. Holy Spirit help us to get rid of useless elements in our life. Give us the strength to be honest and to cut attachments not beneficial, in Jesus Name, I pray, amen!

1Corinthians 10v23

“Everything is permissible”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive.”





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2 Responses to Simpler Life…

  1. In America, we are bombarded by society to be SUCCESSFUL; and there isn’t anything wrong with SUCCESS. But when it gets in the way of LIFE, then memories begin to fade. “Letting go”, as you put it, of the accumulated clutter that we call “important to our lifestyle” and forgetting what we were put on earth to accomplish what God has planned for us individually should be our goal as Believers. A great focus or re-focus conveyed in this post Dimitra.

    • All is profitable but we need to choose what is a priority and what is important! thank you for keep reading and sharing and writing! Blessings for the week ahead!

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