A place…

Always we look for a place to be. As I have moved around the world, a very usual question addressed to me is …”where is your home?”. In times, I have come to realize that I stop for a moment and I try to figure out what I should answer. Sometimes, I provide various answers, various places or no answer at all. I even wonder how comes and we ask this question so often. Do we need a home? Do we need a place?

Yesterday, I found a message from a very good and precious friend. Her mom passed away in age of 101. She wrote: “Mother called home at 11.45pm…” I really loved how she said it! And I remembered:

John 14v3

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

(p.s. …and He went! He is sitting now on the right hand of the Father!)

It is Jesus Christ who speaks to His disciples, explaining what it was to take place. When we read it carefully, we can notice two points: It is Jesus Christ who prepares a place for us. We do not really need to make a place on earth or heavens. Eventually, that’s where home will be: in Heavens! Also, we do not need to go to our home. He will come and take us. He knows the way, the time and the why, how, where and when!

In a few, He is in control about all and we just need to do our part and follow His example of life-style, follow His calling and instructions and live the life He gave us with joy and gratefulness!

I pray to our Father in Heavens, who is in control of all and we thank Him for preparing a plan for our life, a plan for our real and unique home and a place for us. We worship you Lord and we thank you that you went through all pain and suffer for offering us a future, a hope and a eternal life, in your name Jesus Christ I pray, amen!

Have a great day and live it in its full,




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