Good morning and blessings upon you! Thank you for keeping visiting, it is exciting to know that you are present and you do enjoy the Word of God.

Humans – and not only – are conquered, tortured and lifted up by feelings. It is uncreative to deny our feelings. Unfortunately, we do so, especially when we build up defences. We bury our feelings and present ourselves with a fake facade.

I recently read the following (I am sorry…I don’t know who wrote it):

Happy Moments – Praise God.
Difficult Moments – Seek God.
Quiet Moments – Worship God.
Painful Moments – Trust God.
Every Moment – Thank God.

There is nothing wrong to have feelings or to become overwhelmed by them. The question is what we do with them.

John Gray wrote:

“When you take the time to listen to your feelings you are in effect saying to the little feeling person inside “You matter. You deserve to be heard and I care enough to listen.”

By covering or ignoring our feelings we do not help ourselves. God created feelings for a reason. When we feel in a certain way, we need to stop and listen to it. Its existence means something and when we know, we can act accordingly.

Jesus Himself had feelings: got angry, wept, became sad, isolate himself, cried out to the Father… We can learn from Him. We can learn that when He was overwhelmed from His feelings, He run to His Father. When He was sad, He did something nice and creative to others, He offered His services, He became pro-active! Amen!




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