Giving or receiving?

Relationships are not about independency or dependency but about interdependency. It is – you like it or not – a give – take situation. Even with the Lord is the same thing. We stay in Him as long as we follow His commends. We are saved if we believe in Him…if…if…if

So, it is a give-take situation and no reason to idealize it for something that it is not. However…

Acts 20v35(c)

“…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

As relationships – of any type – are a trade of give and take, still, there is space for improvement! The Lord told us that when we give, we are even more blessed than when we receive. I remember, years ago, when a Christian lady gave me something and I felt very obliged and thanked her again and again. So, she turned and told me: we Christians do not thank each other, we thank God because we know that it comes from Him.

We do not need to give always material things. We can give our time, we can give our listening ear, we can give just our presence, we can offer our gifts and talents. When a heart is a willing heart, it will find the way to offer!

We need to give away and wait no returns. The Lord is clever enough to do the mathematics!

Therefore, what are we going to give away today?



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