“Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

-John F. Kennedy

Good morning my friends. How are you feeling today? Thank you for keep visiting LovingMinistry’s blog. Your comments, recommendations and criti is highly appreciated!

Our Father in Heavens, we come to your presence today and we thank you for all you provide to us, physically, emotionally and mostly spiritually. Our God, please, keep giving us wisdom, your wisdom and maintain love inside us for each other. We need you and we need you desperately! In Jesus Christ of Nazareth name, we pray, amen!

What J.F. Kennedy said and we quoted above, is so true. The past is gone and done. Here and now, we are dealing with the present, a present that will prepare the future. The word that strikes me is “fix”.

Humans, we are amazing creatures! Yes, we try to fix and fix everything. Especially this generation is a generation of DIY ( do it yourself!). At first, we agree – I assume – that issues of now, issues that we face at this moment, could be fixed. The strange thing is when we try – and usually we do – to fix issues of the past. Basically, we try to fix issues, concerns, circumstances that they do …not exist anymore! Think about it…

Secondly and more important, we try to fix anything on own strenght! We forget that there is our Lord, the Master of the Universe, the Creator of all, an Almighty God. Do you think that He is not capable to fix anything? Do you think that He is not willing to do it for you?

When we say that we love Him, when we say that we believe in Him, means that we trust Him. There is no faith without trust. It is time to review what is important to be fixed, NOT what is irrelevant anymore. Honestly, the only one needs fixing is just us, each one of us. We need some fixing, some pruning, some cutting here and there. More we are “fixed”, more close to Him will come, we will rely more on Him and our confidence will be in Him. The past will disappear, the present will remain here and now, the future will belong to Him. Amen!



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