Don’t reject knowledge…

Good morning precious people!

Our Father in Heavens, we come to your Throne of grace and we just want to say that we love you, we trust you and we appreciate you, we come to you and say that you are great! We praise your name and worship you; we are here just to worship you! All we do, we do for your glory and in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

It has been quoted: “between stimulus and respond, there is a gap”. There is always a gap – it is up to us to decide its length – and it is the moment that we decide/choose how to respond. Nobody can take this freedom from us.

We need to acknowledge this truth, so we can make the choices that they bring changes. Knowledge is power.

It is written in Hosea 4v6:

“my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

Besides, we cannot change something that we do not acknowledge. As we recognize the power of choice and we take responsibility of our choices, we stop seeing ourselves as victims and powerless.

Knowing our authority of our own choices, gives us the freedom to move forwards and stop crying over spoilt milk. This way, we hold our own power than give it to others, to the systems, societies, spouses and so on.

There is a saying: “people make mistakes and mistakes make people”. Yes, we will make mistakes but we learn out of them. We will grow through them to better human beings.

By believing that we have no choice, we basically live in a denial and we fail to reach our real purpose and achieve the dreams that the Lord put inside us.





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