Can I forgive and forget? (nv)

Our Father God we come to your presence and we thank you for your mercy and your grace. I thank you for all you have done in others and mine life, I thank  you that your Word does not return void and I come with great expectations in your presence, praying for all the people to find their salvation in You and all nations to recognize who you are and worship you, in Jesus Name I pray amen!

1John 3v23:

“And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.”

How could we love each other if we do not forgive? Holding on un-forgiveness brings a burden in our heart. So, when we have an argument with somebody else and we do not forgive him/her, we cannot be ourselves. There is this thing, that hold us back and we are not natural. When we love somebody we feel joy to be with them, we develop the relationship, we seek for intimacy. It is obvious that un-forgiveness comes in conflict with love, it does not promote and develop love.

The today’s question is “Can I forgive and forget?” We believe that when we forgive we need to forget as the Lord forgives us and forgets all happened in the past. I do not know what you believe but allow me to express my thoughts.

I find forgiveness easier that forgetting. The way I understand it, it is like this:

The Lord is Lord and He can do easily all things. I am not the Lord and I am very-very limited. If it is to forget, it would be probably through amnesia. As long as my brain works healthy and I get no amnesia, I will not forget the facts, events and incidents. Forgetting, in my own eyes and as the Lord had guided me to understand it, means to cut the links between facts and emotions. When I forgive, I allow the healing to start taking place and as I am getting healed I do remember the facts but I do not get emotional about it. I might cry little bit or get a face of nostalgia or make fun with it and express a normal type of emotions/feelings, however, the strong emotions of anger, hurt and so on will not be present as I remember the incident that hurt me or disappoint me, or I meet the person that betrayed me.

This is what forgetting means in my own eyes. How about you?





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