Psalm 19v14

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

Our Lord, I pray that you help us to focus to You and allow You to put the right words in our mouth and strengthen us to meditate in your Word allowing it to become our heart. We thank You and all prayed in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Reading again and again the above verse, there are two things that are highlighted:

  • who the Lord is; His character, His personality, His nature: He is the Redeemer + He is the Rock.

We can rely only on Him due to His nature. When we build our life’s foundation on Him, we are based on a Rock. No earthquake will shake us. When we know that He is a Redeemer and we come to Him, we know that we carry no quilt, no sin through His blood. Knowing this and being on a Rock, we can be creative, productive, contributors in this life because all is possible through His strength.

  • What is pleasing the Lord? The words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart!

You see, there is no secret for the Lord! He reads and listens our heart, the place where all truth is. What we need is to keep feeding our heart with the Word, with the good thoughts, with the good practice. Practicing good, encouraging and creative words to come out of our mouth, as all good we keep in our heart. Heart and mouth are connected with a spiritual vain, if you know what I mean!

Keep practicing, keep meditating and each day we will reach closer to Him and to what is pleasing Him, amen!



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