Life or pain? (nv)

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

-James 4v10

Are you awake? Do you breathe? Believe it or not this is a miracle that takes place each day till our last breath, we need to acknowledge it and be thankful for this gift even if we do not feel like this! I meet a lot of elder people and no matter what their situation is, they love life, they want to live for ever…We, the younger generation, need to remind ourselves that we might complain but deep in our hearts we want to live.

I work with people who are suicidal and I say that most of them desire to die not because they want to stop living but just to stop the pain.

The scripture in the book of James speaks of humility and as we humble ourselves in front of the Lord, He lifts us up. Is it great? Most of the conflicts inside us are due to try to prove who we are, what truly happened, what we want or desire and mostly an imbalance created by the perception of being in control or keepers of the universe. We can easily cross the line from humility to pride. Pride has a lot of forms and shapes…even shyness can be a form of pride, if you know what I mean.

I pray that today we go in front of our Creator and we humble ourselves, allow Him to fight our fights, to let truth prevail and be pleased with us because we just trust Him, in Jesus Name, amen!



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2 Responses to Life or pain? (nv)

  1. vesselofgod says:

    Hi Dimitra,

    this post really resonates with me. I have been suicidal because I have been so ill and in so much pain that death seemed like rest to me and living was torturous. What you say is 100% true, the LORD has and is truly humbling me in front of Him and I feel happier, freer and more truly well than I did even before I fell ill. We hold on so much because we equate holding on and control with who we are, but we truly find out who we are when we give control over to God.

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

    • trusting2 says:

      Dear Florence, thank YOU for speaking openly about what happened to you and what the Lord has done for you. So many get inspired by you and you blog Vessel for God (
      Good days and bad days but always He is with us! He is faithful and never forsake us! thank you girl, have a great day! amen, love, Dimitra

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