By doing good…

1 Peter 2v15

“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.”

How beautifully written! I have to say and admit that the Bible is so gracefully written through the Holy Spirit and includes answers in everything and for everything! As a baby Christian – and before it, as an atheist – I doubted the Bible and debated a lot. On the way and after 16yrs of study, I am still amazed of the answers I find within it, the inspiration, the healing and the comfort. By experiencing and knowing this, no doubts remain in my mind that this is the Word of God.

We wave many times, especially when we feel injustice and hurt, whether we have to go on and do good or go on proving ourself right.

YES, we need to keep doing good! Why? Cause that’s the will of God as we read in 1 Peter. It is explained to us: in this way, we not only strike evil (as we read in other scriptures) but also we put an end to talks of foolish men.

There is no point to enter in debates with foolish people and we will not prove that we are right if we prove others wrong. Justice and truth comes from above. The Lord is Lord in all and in His laws, there is an important one: Truth Prevails…soon or later.

So, let’s do what is good according to God’s will and the rest is His business! We trust Him!



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