“There is nothing but God’s grace.

We walk upon it;

we breathe it;

we live and die in it;

it makes the nails

and axles of the universe.”



This is the pure truth. We do exist and breathe out of God’s grace. The only difference is that some of us know and accept this truth, some know but decline to this truth, some do not know. Yet, there is another group of humans: they do know but what they pursue is gratification.

I am not in a position to speak about the past generations or the past centuries. I was not there and I have not witnessed, so, I feel that I would be unfair to come to conclusions.

As a person who grew during the latter half of 20th Century and blessed to experience the beginning of the 21st, I have observed and say: we are a generation seeking gratification more than the journey of life. We miss patience, we lack persistence, we ignore perseverance.

We are a generation of the computers and internet, to fast communication tools, a generation of rushing. Success measures according to its speed and quantity – money wise usually – than quality, than its timeless quality.

We rush; we want all Here and Now…

Yes, there is a group of humans who know the truth, who know that “there is nothing but God’s grace”, still, they don’t “feel” that they should wait upon the Lord.

Gratification becomes more important than the wisdom and grace of our Lord. Evidence is not the grace and mercy of the Lord but the satisfaction, the enjoyment, the pleasure, the FAST RESULTS.

What we fail to see is that fast results come as we live in a prompt world full of self-helping tools, however, the results are not enduring. The emptiness remains, the un-fulfilment remains.

What is truly timeless is God’s grace, His wisdom and His peace. This is what we need to pursue, even if it takes time. Amen!




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2 Responses to Gratification…

  1. great post! Jesus told Matha, ‘girl’ (emphasis mine) you are concerned about too many things… slow down (you are missing patience, you are lacking persistence, you are ignoring perseverance). That was a twist on your words. But Mary here has found the secret to life… sitting at my feet, seeking and waiting.

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