Grow in wisdom…

Luke 2v52

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men.”

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, grew up as other children, he grew within his culture, the physical and social environment. Jesus did not live a Christian life as developed after His death and Resurrection. Jesus lived a life of a Jew, in a Jewish town, with the Jewish culture, food, clothes, happenings and worshipped God, His Father, in a Synagogue.

Still, Jesus was different than other kids, young men or adult men. He grew in wisdom, stature and he was in favour not only of God (His Father) but also with men.

Do you wonder why?

Growing in stature means growing in an achieved level or status. He was not rich, famous as a celebrity or a politician. How he attracted the favour of men? He was just a young boy, unknown, a Jewish young man among so many others.

Still, he was different. We do not know whether was out in the dirt, dusty streets playing with other kids or spending all day studying the scriptures but we know that he grew in wisdom.

There are much written in the Word of God about wisdom, starting from the Old reaching to the New Testament. Wisdom is highlighted again and again.  Why?

Wisdom is the base of all. Wise men asked for wisdom, double portion of wisdom! Not the human wisdom but our God’s wisdom!

Wisdom is not something that could be hidden. Wisdom is seen in our words, our actions, our life style, our thoughts, our choices, our decisions and our deeds. It is said that there are three things that we cannot hide: love, money and cough! I add wisdom!

My prayer to our Father in Heavens is that we go in front of His throne and ask Him for double portion of His wisdom. We know, with no doubt, that what we ask according to His will, He will give us. In Jesus Name, amen!




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2 Responses to Grow in wisdom…

  1. Chilufya Stephen says:

    Jesus was no ordinary child. This is evident even from His birth. His birth is not from a natural sexual relation between a man and woman. The Mother being a virgin who didn’t have a sexual relationship with the Father. Even Jesus the boy Himself had a lot of perculialities not shown by boys His age. Ofcourse regarding the tora, He certainly was better than other Jewish boys. He was exceptional in everything He did.

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