Her Fireplace…

She enters in the house. She looks around. Within the darkness covering the house there is a ray of light. Something is wrong, she knows it. The light; where the light comes from? She moves fast, her body shifts as a puma’s shade, she reaches closer to the light, and she feels the warmth of its beam.

She finds herself inside a fireplace! Yes, correct! Inside those huge open fireplaces built as a cooking place, a heating place, a family storytelling place, the central heating of the house. The fire is hot; the massive chimney elevates reaching the top floor providing heating into the master bedroom and liberates itself all through the roof into the dark, starless cold night.

She is alone and wonders who lighted the logs.  The house is quiet and dark. The only sounds she can hear are her frightened breath and the firewood consumed from the flames, the flames that are ironically created and fed by its own body.

She is alone. At first, she feels fear, she observes the darkness, she wants to escape out of the darkness of the house, but even outside is still solid dark. She feels as her view is covered from a dark thick veil. There is nothing out of the door, out of the window, there is nothing to be seen inside the house. She is alone.

Thoughts rush and battle in her mind…

She thinks: “Darkness creates fear when we cannot see, when we know not where we go, the uncertainty creates the fear and not the darkness…”

She remembers Shackleton …by endurance we conquer…

She keeps thinking: “Light brings security because we can see, brings warmth that reminds the warmth of our beloved, the beloved with whom we feel secure. Is it the light that brings the life or our ability to see?”

Suddenly, she is not scared anymore.

She accepts the darkness and she focuses, now, on the light and she absorbs the warmth of the fire.

She accepts the darkness of her life, the darkness of the world outside her globe. And she knows that there is a spot in her own cosmos where a light always lit and she feels joy as she soaks up its warmth. She doesn’t know who lit the light but she feels no loneliness anymore. Her focal point is the fire where life exists instead of cold death as in the darkness.

Fire is life? Light is life? Darkness is death? She thinks, she wonders, she philosophises…what else to do within the darkness…

What if she can see within the darkness? What if she gets used to the darkness of the cosmos and she moves through it without light? The fear departs, the life returns as she chooses to see the light that exists inside her, to feel its warmth and know that she is not alone, despite the dense darkness that covers the known cosmos.

That moment she realized that she was that person who chose to lit the hearth, she was the one who collected the logs and kindling.

Yes, she was alone in her own house but she was not lonely. There was so much light! It was just on that one spot where she kept her own fireplace to be lit!

John 12v46

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”

John 1v9

“The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world.”

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8 Responses to Her Fireplace…

  1. Wow Dimitra! At first I thought I was reading a Novel by Dimitra. Very good and well written to capture your audience and tell a story with a Godly point. As you read it, the mystery just draws you in and then you capture them with the Word of God. Very well done my friend. I will give you 👍👍👍👍
    P.S. You should start writing a book!!
    God Bless, Jeff

    • Hahahaha, Jeff! Surprise eh? Thank you for liking it and let me know that you did! In fact, there are two books ready (not of this style but as the usual one) and I have delayed so much to look for publication,but this year I told myself that I have to look and seek and learn about publishing…it is a complex world out there! Blessings my friend and thanks again!

  2. Linda M says:

    That was soooo awesome!!! I was so Captivated! Well, very well written!!! Glory be to God the Most High!!!

    Hosanna in the Highest!

  3. Yes I was truly captivated! Amazing I would looooooove to read a Book of yours in this Style!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Blessings to you and all your Endeavors I love reading all of your Posts! You ARE truely Anointed. May GOD shower you with his Riches and Love! in Jesus Name Amen!

    Hosanna in the Highest!
    ♥ Linda M

  4. admin says:

    Great post that pulled me into the story. Thank you.

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