Law and Order, purpose and belief…(n)







Ancient church in Philippi Archaeological site, Greece. DS,©

Reflecting on a documentary titled “Hitler – A career” , it is interesting to observe how he grew up in power and he laid down a lot of principles of how to succeed by implementing visions. Of course, in his case, the principles were not represented by the right values and his vision was monstrous.

The point that attracted my interest was that he gave to his people what they wanted: Law and Order + Sense of Purpose + belief to themselves.

It is a reality: the people need to believe in something; something that has order; something that has a purpose. In fact, the feeling that they do have a purpose in this life helps them to find confidence and a high self esteem. Through my work and mission and as I come in daily contact with various people, I can clearly see that the one thing that makes difference in their psychology is the sense of purpose.

All the above are fine! And at the same time can be very dangerous. The Lord provides Law and Order. Do not misunderstand, I do not speak about the law of Moses but the nature of God, the laws that He has written in our hearts and the Order that He brings in our lives through His wisdom. The Lord gives purpose in our lives. He uses us as His vessels, we are His ambassadors and we have plenty work to do, a full mission. Last but not least, He has told us who we are in Him. When we believe it, then I promise you, your self esteem will be great!

BUT:  it is very dangerous when we are guided by false prophets, by personal ambitions, by unjust motivations! It is easy to cross the line and move from being a blessing to be a monster! Hitler had a vision, had skills, had gifts but had no conscious!

Each day and at each moment we need to, we have to, we ought to grow through His wisdom, His understanding, His knowledge. In few, we need to become more mature, grow in the Word and strengthen our faith. Otherwise, it is so easy to cross that line. Our conscious should be God’s conscious.

It is written:

All of us who are mature should take such a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you. 

– Philippians 3v15

IMPORTANT POINT: the fact that we are more mature does not mean that we are out of danger to cross the line! We are more mature than before but still there is space for improvements, till our last breath.

Our Father in Heavens, we come to you today and we thank you for who you are and who we are in you. I pray my God that you help us all to grow and become more mature in your own things, not ours. I pray that all things we think that we know but we are wrong, you will show to us and bring clarity and insight. I pray for clarity, vision and your ways in everybody’s mission in this life. Protection upon your people, upon your nations! And all prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!



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