How can I love you?





Hello there!

Good morning and I pray that all the blessings from above and the riches of our Father in Heavens will pour upon us today and this will be a day of new starts and new dreams, that His purpose in your life continues to be revealed and you feel clarity in all, in Jesus Name I pray, amen!

It is very interesting how our brain works. I try to get educated regarding the new finding of how the brain functions and how many of our abilities, emotions and behaviours depend upon the brain. Around 150 yrs ago, basically, no much was known about the brain. It was during the 20th and now 21st century that we come to understand that even basic emotions are so connected with our brain. It is recently that the mapping of the brain has started to take shape and it seems that it is a fascinated world.

I just heard a story: a young man married happily and being in love with his wife discovered that he had a brain tumour just on top of one of his eyes. During brain surgery and as the doctor moved the tumour a part of the brain connected to emotions – damaged due to the tumour – was removed. When the patient woke up and his wife went close to him with love and affection, he did not want her to kiss him or hug him. They discover that he had no emotions whatsoever. He remembers when we had feelings, he can still reproduce them in his memory but he does not feel them. He knows that he loves his wife but he has no way to show it or to act in affection. He said that he could be a serial killer – kidding – as he feels nothing by killing somebody.

Today’s post is about asking a question: how can we love? How can we love our enemies, how can we love people they hurt us? how could we love people we do not click with them?

Is it love just connected with a part of our brain? Do we learn to love as a behavioural or survival action? Is it a decision, no matter what?

I ask these open questions  for all of us to think and I say goodbye for today with a wonderful scripture!

 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

 – John 3v16





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