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“The view from the top is amazing”, © DS, 2005

“Humans have the tendency to choose that they have no choice!” That’s how the previous post of this blog started and we continued by mentioning what it is written in the Bible about choices. We just looked on the scriptures without any explanation, just as a trigger for us to meditate upon them. (see Choices Part A).

Today, we will try to go a little bit deeper and see how we can select at each moment what we will do next, how we will respond, how we will walk and talk.

In any stimulus/event/situation in our lives, there are always four choices to explore and decide on:

  • Change the situation;
  • Change oneself to adapt to the situation;
  • Run away from the situation/person/ stimulus;
  • To accept the fact and find ways to live with it;

No matter what choice we make, we need to remind ourselves that we are the ones who decide the way to walk. We are responsible for the choices; us and nobody else.

It is quite common to hear an expression of the following nature “ I have made so many sacrifices for you…blah, blah, blah” – I think that some of us thought or said something like this – at least, I had.

Sacrifice, according to the Dictionary, means: “to give up something that is important or valuable to you in order to get or do something that seems more important for yourself or for another person.”

I wonder how comes and we say to another person that we did sacrifices for s/he and we are disappointed for his/her no return of appreciation. I do understand that all of us need to be appreciated, no question about it. It is enough to express our desire for appreciation. We do not need to relate it with the sacrifice we did!

The question is whether a sacrifice is a sacrifice, meaning its true definition “that seems important for yourself”…do we do something only for the other person or also for our self?. We have to decide between too important things/issues and we choose the most important for ourselves or others. Searching deeper and not only on the surface of the meaning, we see clearly that it was more important for us to do something even if it reflects on somebody else needs. It makes us to feel better, more creative, more sensible, more satisfied, more approved. Sacrifice fulfills/pleases us first and then others. It is for our satisfaction and justification. We do not really “scarify” but we make a choice. It is for our joy, peace and happiness; we sleep better the night.

Only Jesus Christ did a sacrifice. He was sinless, He is God, He needs nothing to be fulfilled but He did go through pain to save us. This is the only sacrifice that reflects on real “sacrifice.” He had no reason really to do that. He did it out of unconditional love for His creation. Reading through the Bible, we cannot find anywhere written something such as “see what I have done for you; why do you treat me like this?”

It is stressful to live with one foot here and the other somewhere else. When we make choices, we need to own them and go all the way. For sure, at some point, we might decide to change/ modify this choice and again it is our choice to do so and to choose a new path. Each moment we make choices. This moment as I write this post, from word to word and sentence to sentence, I choose what I write guided by the Spirit but still I choose to do so…nobody obliges me!

When somebody talks to us, we decide what we will respond and how, nobody else! When we buy tomatoes, we choose them. If they do not look nice, we can go somewhere else but if time is more important, we might buy those ones or not eat tomatoes at all!

There are plenty solutions for each situation, we can find some and choose one!  In a lot of cases, it is not easy to choose and the mountain might seem high. It takes an effort to climb it, however, it is worth it! The view from the top is amazing!

I believe that the best choice is:

Proverbs 8v10

Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold,”


Deuteronomy 30v19

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

The last two weeks, Christians all around the world celebrate and remember what Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, did for us and this is exactly what God tells us: “I have set before you life and death…Now choose life…”

The most important choice that we might have to do! Amen!


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