Herbs and spices…

Lord, I come to you today as we come to you each day and pray for your wisdom, your understanding, your creativity and your purpose in everyone’s life. I dare for a life full of adventures as you take us from one spiritual level to the next; I seek for a life to serve you according to your will. And keep praying in your name and for your glory, Jesus Christ, amen!

The Lord gives me a great appetite for His word and I can feel the “tasty spices and herbs” when I read it and when I am thinking around it. I believe that we need our food to be salty and spicy and providing an adventurous twist in our mouth otherwise it becomes boring and not desirable.

The word of God – which is the collection of writings called the Bible – is alive. How many times we read it and we understand a different dimension of the same scripture already read few times! I find this very spicy and feel that when I open the Bible and start reading, I will taste something different this time, I will open my eyes to a different world with a new knowledge in it.

It is an exciting journey, day by day, week after week and year after year. I admit that there are parts of it that I prefer more and books that till now say no much to me. I know that the Bible does not give different interpretations to different people but I believe that the word touch our hearts in a different way as the spices touch our tongue in a different way according its sensitivity and how the food is combined.

Proverbs 16v24

“Pleasant words [are like] a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.”

The proverb above speaks the truth! I believe that each one of us has experienced pleasure and joy when someone speaks good words, isn’t it?

This is a true for the Bible: its words are pleasant, are creative, are alive, are productive and they become sweetness to the soul and health to the bones! Health to our physical, emotional and spiritual bones! Amen!





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