The desert and the fly…

My relationship with silence is an adventurous one! I claim that I love silence but the truth is that I do not live in silence. My home and my office are filled with sounds of music or radio conversations or sounds out of TV documentaries, including my own voice when I sing or when I quarrel with my own computer! Yes, I live a single life and I adore silence but somehow, it seems that I do not walk my talk!

However, there are places on our noisy planet that silence reveals itself in glorious ways. One of those places is the desert. I had the privilege to spend three days with the Bedouins in the Sinai Desert. I slept under the stars and on the soft sand. I bathed using water from a 5-litre container and my skin dried before I had any chance to towel my body.

The dark sky was full of little stars similar to shining diamonds on black velvet. The sand felt soft and comfy. I was in the middle of the desert, away from any sign of civilization and my only company was a Bedouin who was sleeping farther. It was that moment that I felt the divine! The absolute silence was present! As I started falling into a deep sleep, being hypnotized by the stars and a sense of deafness, I was overwhelmed by staggering peace.

I woke up as the light was conquering the darkness of the night. A new picture to my eyes, but the same sound to my ears: absolute silence. The sun rose and the first thing I saw was a camel, walking alone waving her tall charming figure. Between her and me, the desert!


Dimitra Savvidou in Sinai Desert
The Sinai Desert

I located a bush, a good place to hide and do my morning exercises. As I was walking on the ground with my bare feet, I tried not to spoil the silence! Gracefully, the sand was really soft, absorbing the sound of my toes.

Sitting behind the bush, looking at eternity and listening to the beating of my heart within that amazing silence… I heard the first sound of the day: a fly! Just one fly destroyed all the enjoyment of my deafness. I was disturbed. I lost focus. I could not concentrate. I was frustrated! How could such a very small creature disturb the divine silence of the desert and my peace?


 Ecclesiastes 3v7 

“A time to tear, And a time to sew; A time to keep silence, And a time to speak;”

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    52 today and one of my most precious experiences which took place just bit more than 10 years ago, May 2004. As I red it, all comes back, same pictures, same thoughts, same feelings, time is a strange thing!

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