Am I cursed?

You won’t believe what’s happening since yesterday! When I woke up, I felt something wet running out of my nose…it was blood! I did all the right things and the bleeding stopped. So, I left my bed happily to go and take a shower…but the shower refused to operate! I got disturbed but I chose peace in my heart. I went downstairs and put the heating on – thank God, it was working (smiles) – so I could have hot water for a bath and as every morning, I went to my office to switch on the laptop and the PC to let them do all scanning and so on, till I am ready to start work. Aha! Life can be challenging: the PC crashed then and there…never to recover! I could not believe it! Thank God, the laptop still works and covers what is important in my work and my personal life. PC on its way for recycling! Still, I chose peace and joy. I decided that I would have a good day, a productive and joyful one. And I did! Late afternoon, I found spare time to go to the movies and I really enjoyed watching a great movie but as I came out, I found myself in a different season than the one when I entered in the movie theatre: it was winter…when 2hrs before it was summer. Not only winter but pouring heavily! Thank God, I arrived wet but safely home…and my house was not on fire!

I got stubborn and I refused to destroy the enjoyment I had. I spoke to my Lord and I gave all to Him!

Some of the issues were covered, some are still unsolved, some dental problems were added today but I don’t care! “Am I cursed?” someone else would wonder. “Am I punished?” someone else would add. “It is a spiritual warfare”, one will mention. Honestly, I do not care! I do not wish to put a label on it and leave my imagination to run. I know that who is inside me is bigger than the one who is out in the world and this is sufficient.

I am the child of the most wonderful God and He takes care of me even if I need to wait sometimes or compromise for a while my comfort. For sure, I don’t welcome troubles but from the other hand I keep my peace. I decided that I will enjoy each day and whatever comes I won’t accept it if not good but I will leave it with the Lord to take care of it. For each problem there are a lot of solutions. The Holy Spirit will find one for me!

Philippians 4v4

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!”







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4 Responses to Am I cursed?

  1. Isn’t true how often in our lives, we often carry with us “the water of bitterness that brings the curse”? (Numbers 5:18). Now that might be an interesting blog! And it is hard sometimes take to heart, “This is the day that the LORD has made. REJOICE and be glad in it.”

    • No bitterness my friend! It is just delirious all things happened and in all, I see the Lord being there and this is sufficient! thank you so much for your thoughts and love! blessings

  2. admin says:

    No, Dimitra, you are not cursed. You just had a day of testing and trials. We all have some days that go that way. Thankfully, they pass. All I can say, is you are up for a promotion in the Spirit and are going through the testing to arrive at the next level. Hang in there, God is with you!

    • Hahaha! you won’t believe that after I wrote the post, as I was eating a jelly, my dental bridge came out…I started laughing as the whole thing was delirious, my dentist laughed today as well! We cannot be cursed, we are only blessed by our Lord! Thank you my friend, your sayings priceless! enjoy a great day!

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