Who I want to be

“He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.”

-Psalms 1v3

Hello, beautiful people, people full of potential and creativity! I pray that our Lord supplies all you need and as you walk next to Him, you prosper physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually, in Jesus Name, amen!

Who do you want to be? I want to be that person who lives as per Psalm 1v3! I believe that I am this person, in Jesus Name. Previously, I was covered with a lot of clutter but the Lord cleansed layer after layer. It is not by my own efforts or power, that the layers disappeared. It is because Jesus made it possible when He sent the Holy Spirit to live inside me, inside all true believers. I would have been none and I am none without the Holy Spirit. All changes of my character, habits and continuous improvement of my inside is the work of the Holy Spirit. Still, long way to go, His work inside me will never finish as long as I breathe.

My job is to feed myself with the Word of God, the instructions of God, the promises of God and to listen how He wants to use me each day, one day at the time. The Ministry I am serving in, is not mine, it is God’s. What He asks me each day to do as part of Loving Ministry, I make my best to implement it, knowing that I am just a vessel. The job is done by Him.

I basically keep myself close to Him and keep talking to Him, calling His name and all done in His perfect time!

The last two days, I have been so much encouraged by the Lord. He sent people (from any walks of life) to bring amazing encouragement, my eyes still wet when I recall what has taken place. Nevertheless, what truly happened was that I felt so humbled and astonished. Praise the Lord and all for His Glory, amen!

Eugenia Price wrote: “We learn to believe by believing. We learn to love by loving.”



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Loving life, Loving people but mostly Loving and Serving Jesus Christ!
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2 Responses to Who I want to be

  1. FRUITFULNESS or FRUITLESSNESS? That IS the question. Great Psalm and great heart!

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