My James Bond…

You would wonder how the only thing I need to say concerns James Bond. Probably I am triggered by the latest James Bond’s movie, which I have not yet watched; but trust me; I have not missed any of the previous ones!

What is it so extraordinary about James Bond? What does he represent in our life? He is the hero! He is the hero who we expect to save us, or perhaps the hero we hide inside us? It might be just a good entertaining story, well written, well said and well directed.

I have to say that the last two movies disappointed me a little. We watch James having a human and emotional side – but this is not James Bond. Our hero is not about emotions but about perfection, neatness, elegance, precision, achieving the impossible for Queen and country! It is the impossibility that attracts us, I think. Otherwise we could watch a romantic or an existential movie of the great 20th century’s Italian or French directors.

There is only one James: the untouchable, the one who is always ironed and clean, the one who has no bureaucratic issues with his boss, contrarily everybody just admires him. This is the hero I need to see, this is the hero I want to be! I want to achieve the impossible! What about you?

I admit, in spite of everything, that a hero never becomes a hero by being unemotional. It is just that we, I, prefer to see him strong and in control. Or all the above might be just my imagination as I write this article in my warm bed in a nice hotel just outside the Dublin airport in Ireland, and just a few hours before I catch my plane to Africa (the article was written on 1st November 2012). It might be the strength I imagine that I need for the new adventures ahead, for the new decisions to be taken.

Nevertheless, my true James Bond is not the one of Ian Fleming! My true Hero is my Lord, my creator, my provider, my protector, the one who is always in control, always neat, trustworthy and who, for sure, achieves the impossible, brings light and truth, covers me throughout and gives me a vision higher than any MI6!

We have a hero inside us – we carry the Holy Spirit, we the believers!

So, let’s allow this Hero to lit, let’s show our Hero God and let’s be James Bonds for our Lord!

Let’s allow Him to work with us, so we can do all heroic acts – and not only – through Him!






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