Twenty years later…


Today, 15th July 2013, is a special day! It is my special day. Twenty years ago, early in the morning of the 15th July 1993, I arrived for first time at this land, a land called Zambia. I had no idea what life had stored for me. Honestly I had no clue. I just remember the long flight Athens – London, London – Lusaka. Not that, sincerely, I remember many details of the flight itself. I just remember how flat the land of England seemed and how long the flight London to Lusaka was. It was those years when food was served with proper forks and knives, when someone could smoke in the flights, when plenty kilos could be carried in those pitifully stretched suitcases, when seats were small and squeezed, when no great body search was taken place before boarding…and so on and so on. Don’t forget…it was still 20th century!

When I arrived in Zambia, within mostly three months, I decided that I loved to stay and make Zambia  my new home. I wanted to buy eventually some land and do farming; build my home and spend the rest of my years in this fertile land.

Twenty years is a long period in life, in my case, two fifth of my whole life. It was a dream that I dreamt each day along those 20 years. Too many things happened and along the way, I was blessed with great people, with amazing experiences as well as with heart breaking events. Part of those years, I had to spend them away from Zambia as finance and work took me to other continents. However, the dream remained alive! Imagine, that all those years of absence, I kept my bank account, my post office box and kept paying all taxes and necessities as I knew that I would be back! And yes, I am back, and yes, the land was obtained, and yes, the Little Red Riding Hood was built! It might not be a farming land as yet (however, before 1921, it was part of a farm!) and the house might not be the original design or I might not share it with  the people I had wished to, but what the heck, I am here!  I am sitting on that big concrete slab that you see at the attached photo, under the shade of that beautiful tree and I write to you, my good friends and precious people into my life.

I am more than grateful for all good and bad taken place during the last 20 years – at the end of the day, what does not kill you, makes you stronger – and the one thing that comes to my mind and heart is a scripture and I quote:

The Lord will command the blessing on you in your storehouses and in all to which you set your hand, and He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

Now, it is time to return to normal life and restart my work, my writings, my social life, personal life and all that make that great event that is called LIFE! C u guys!




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Loving life, Loving people but mostly Loving and Serving Jesus Christ!
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3 Responses to Twenty years later…

  1. Pure Glory says:

    Congratulations on 20 years, living and celebrating your home in Zambia! Indeed it is cause to celebrate!

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