travelling with expectations

We might not always know how the path of life will go, sometimes straight, sometimes left with a little twist onto the right but I believe that as Christians we do know the destination. A destination that it is not on this earth but in heavens.

However, we do spend years and years on this beautiful earth and some of us are born, grew up, get married, have kids and grand kids at the same town, at the same village, within the same county or country. Some of us hate the change, they refuse to leave the place where their ancestors lived, where tradition goes on and where all is familiar. There are others who pursue the change, who go for another place, another county, another challenging adventure.

I believe that both travel a journey, different journeys but still they travel. The journey is not about where but about how. We travel through this life and no matter how familiar is our environment, we keep being challenged and our actions/reactions make the journey.

We, still, might not know where that journey will take us but it is exciting to look forward for all happenings. They say that if we put something in our mind, it will come to pass. I am not sure about it. My present situation – for which I am going to talk to you just in a while – was a 20 years old desire but yet, along the way, I desired and dreamt aims that did not happen. So, how can I say!

Twenty years ago, I arrived in Africa and to be more specific, in Zambia. It was a life changing experience as I was exposed to a completely different world – you can read all in my article “Gratitude to Africa”.

My desire was to have my home here; to obtain a piece of this beautiful land and as I wake up each morning to go out and harvest berries, strawberries, passion fruits, guavas to prepare my breakfast.

It is the land where I met God, where I gave my life to Jesus and strange enough…He took me out of the place that I had made home. In time, I trusted Him that He knew better but I kept Zambia my base, especially during holiday. I could not give up. I have to confess that there was a time that another dream had become stronger than my return and permanent inhabitation here. It did not work out. Someone would say that nothing else worked out because my destination was here. Honestly, I do not believe so. Some other combination could have taken place. I can present you, in fact, with more than one possibilities.

This is not the point I wish to make. I just want to tell you my story about the place where my house is and we can absorb anything – or nothing – out of it.

It was 2000 and seven years after I first came into this land, when I had to travel away, far away to the Caribbean to work in Belize. I know, I know that there are million of people out there who wish to just go there for a few days holiday. They save and plan for all their lives! I spent almost three years there and I was paid for it! Nevertheless, my heart was broken. I had followed where the Lord took me but I went with sadness. I was tremendously missing Zambia. It was after four months and as I woke up from a bad dream when I realized that I was sent to a paradise and I would have been idiot not to extract the best possible. Eventually, I found myself achieving an international career without even realizing it; be paid to be in beautiful places around the world and meeting extraordinary people.

I was not any longer sad. I never stopped visiting Zambia, keeping my bank account (empty but maintaining it!), my post- office box (also empty), paying all necessities, renewing my national driving licence and so forth. Deep in my heart, that was my destination on earth. But who knows…life is full surprises!

In Belize and once upon the time, I got a piece of paper (I still have it and I plan to frame it!) and by making the assumption that I would obtain a piece of land equal to 1 acre (4000 m2), I started thinking of how I would like to build my home. I drew a parallelogram 40mx100m and imagining that the highest point was on the up side of the plot, I started designing the frame of the house. In fact, it was not one building but four located in a circle form as the traditional African houses are. In the middle, they keep the cattle but I had no such plans, so in the mid was the garden located. When I finished, I wrapped the paper and put it into my wallet and kept it there till 2004 – if not wrongly remember.

It was January 2003 when I was informed that a specific piece of land that I had visited sometime ago, was on sale. It was just few days before my holiday in Zambia ended – just returned from Aruba – and on my way for a new job in Uganda. I had no time to work on it. The good Lord provisioned a great friend who through power of attorney took over. The plot was pursued, the house was designed according to the original sketch done in Belize and eventually by 2005 a borehole was present, the foundation and slabs of the four buildings were there. The funny story is that the land was 1acre – however the dimensions were different – and the best place to build was the upper side of the plot!

The years passed by and my good friend took care of the place, planted all indigenous trees as we had agreed and I kept visiting the place. Every time, it was a blessing to see all how grew and the wonderful location.

I could have fully build but I felt that there was no purpose as long as I was not living continuously here.

When this place was procured, I prayed and I said to the Lord that this was His land and His purpose on it. I told him that I wished to be my home but its full use needs to be under His plans and purpose.

All came true! Today and few months after my return to Zambia, the so called Little Red Riding Hood is built and stands happy and solid on this land. That’s my home! Someone asked me for how long I am here, this time and I answered ….”till my funeral”! By God’s grace of course, I can’t fully know.

As I said in the beginning, it was not done exactly as originally planned, a lot of things and events took place in a very challenging way but still here I am alive and strong and here the little house stands…the rest is history! What is to come is unknown but I learnt through all those passed twenty years to trust the Lord, to trust my dreams and my instincts, to keep travel the journey without allowing the opposition to cease the walk, to cry for as long I need, to grief for as long it takes, to laugh with all my heart and mostly to be honest with others and myself.

I do own all the above to my Lord, to the people who came across my path – the ones who were/are for a reason and a season and the ones who are for life – and the knowledge that nothing goes waste/in vain.

The scripture that keeps coming into my heart is:

Deuteronomy 28v9: The Lord will command the blessing on you in your storehouses and in all to which you set your hand, and He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

Dear friends and readers, nothing goes in vain with the God we love and serve, all has its purpose. We cannot know what the future holds but we do learn from the past and we can keep planting seeds today.

Let’s keep travelling with great expectations in our hearts!

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