Love is communication…

Love is communication

Throughout the Bible we see people communicating with each other .We see God conversing with His prophets or disciples.

Genesis 8v15

Then God spoketo Noah, saying”

Exodus 6v2

And God spoketo Moses and said to him: “I am the LORD.”

We see people communicating with God, God = Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We found those words all around: spoke, said…

You might ask: what love has to do with communication! It is absolutely connected!

Love is a decision, a thought, a feeling and an act. Communication is also a behaviour and it is an act. Why do you think that God kept talking, speaking, announcing to His people? He could say A,B,C and then sat on His throne and watch what’s happening. He has not only implemented the opposite, He even sent the Holy Spirit to keep talking to us. He taught us and introduced us to the prayer as our constant communication with Him.

The same way, we ought to communicate with each other. Who is the other person? He/she is our neighbour. Who is our neighbour? Is everybody: wife, husband, parents, children, relatives, co-workers, bus drivers, waitresses, pastors, policemen, people walking along the same streets we walk!

We are created with a tongue and brain so we learn to speak since we are young. They are our tools to communication and expression. Do you remember what happened in Babel? When the communication failed, everything collapsed.

Communication is an act of love. Still, it is not always desired. Especially, in a case such as a serious conflict we truly try to avoid any contact or conversation. Silence is much more convenient. At the same time, many of us – especially women – we insist to communicate when it is not the appropriate moment and so, the effort becomes abuse instead of an act of love.

There are a lot of ways of communication: we communicate with the eyes, with our speech, with our acts, with our body language and I truly believe with our thoughts as they reflect eventually into our physical world.

I agree that there are people who are more charismatic in verbal communication. They understand how it works and do it the right way. Most of us, don’t. It is since years that I advocate for school lessons in human communication, courses of how to create and maintain any kind of relationship. We are dealing with relationships and communication at each moment of our day and our life.

There are moments that we need to “cease” the talk as it seems unproductive and catch up again when time is appropriate; when people are ready for true dialogue. In that case, our acts and behaviour could replace the speech. People will “feel” that we are not halt the dialogue out of anger, pride or manipulation but due to love and wisdom. The wisdom to know when verbal communication could be harmful and replace it with a quiet presence or an act of cooking a nice meal, creating a peaceful environment and allowing space to both parties in order to reflect and review the whole issue.

Even when we have to keep distance for long periods, at the time, it can still be an act of love. We avoid the creation of more hurtful feelings, we draw the line in an abusive act – if that the case – believing that the other person will reconsider his/her behaviour and improve. It is about tough love.

The Lord spoke to us in so many ways and He still does through His Holy Spirit – at least to say. He spoke to us through His acts, especially His biggest act upon the cross. It was by those acts that He showed how much He loves us. He communicated also using the teaching method, allowing us to know His character, His instructions and His will. He shows love through communication. If He was indifferent, He would remain silent and inactive, giving no second chances.

It is the same way that our communication skills should reflect love towards our neighbour. We have decided to live a Christ style of life. In this case, communication remains a way to love, a way to respect, a way to consider, a way to well-being.

1Corinthians 13v4-7

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

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